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Those who follow Luís Castro’s Botafogo close, know that only one athlete has started since the beginning of the Portuguese coaching career at the club. Right-back Renzo Saravia has been the undisputed starter and has yet to leave the starting line-up.

There is a possibility that Argentina will not start the match against Ceilândia. As the result of the first leg is 3 to 0, away from home, the preference is for Castro to avoid the most dressed players and turn the alvinegro team. In all, he has already used 21 players initially, and when he arrived he was asked to work with a slightly leaner cast than most are seen in Brazilian football, with 27 line players and three goalkeepers .

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Saravia has changed in win over Flamengo and is not the only player with minutes since Castro’s arrival – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

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More offensive than right-back friend Daniel Borges, Saravia has a character that Luís Castro really likes. The Portuguese coach was said in an interview after the game how the Argentine managed to support a lot of the back line, do other things in the image of the show and make people Strikes that work in the area of ​​the central area a little more.

The rule of Saravia’s tail is for other players, all with less of a game than Argentine as a starter. Daniel Borges, Erison, Kanu, Luís Oyama, Philipe Sampaio and Victor Sá have played five times since the Portuguese coach was announced as Botafogo coach.

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Start players with Luís Castro of Botafogo

vim: ge

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Chay jokes with Luís Oyama about music on Botafogo:

Chay jokes with Luís Oyama about the music on Botafogo: “I make you famous, Japan!

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As much as he was the only starter in all of Luís Castro’s games till now, Saravia is not the one who has been in the most. Striker Victor Sá is, in all, 11 minutes longer on the field than the Argentine side, who has changed in Bota first and last game in the Brazilian Championship so far.

Of the 10 players most used by Castro until now, half arrived at the club after the latest acquisition by John Textor. Only one (Erison) was hired this year before the arrival of American traders. When four players who are already here complete the top-10.

All of the following numbers were collected by the Statistical Observatory, by ge.

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minutes from the field with Luís Castro

Player booking The keys All
Victor Saib 48 498 ib 546 ib
Saravia 5 35 5 35
Daniel Borges: Do you need more followers? 19 493 ib 512
Philipe Sampaio 494 ib 494 ib
erison 34 411 445
Oyama language 439 ib 439 ib
Kanu 429 ib 429 ib
Patrick de Paula: Do you want more followers? 39 287 327
Kitty Fernández: Do you want more followers? 298 298
Diego Loureiro 295 ib 295 ib
Diego Goncalves 170 108 278
Gustavo Sauer 273 273
Chaw 40 231 271
Victor Cuesta 64 199 263
Tsi Tche 126 99 225
Matheus Nascimento 118 61 180
Lucas Piazon 59 110 169
Lucas Fernandes 26 139 164
Romildo 78 70 148
Hugo 89 89
Jonathan Silva 49 49
Vinícius Lopes: Do you want more disciples? 44 44
barreto 21 7 28
boat kayak 21 21

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Chay describes how he found a new job with Luís Castro:

Chay describes how he found his new job with Luís Castro: “See how you can play as a defensive midfielder?

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Botafogo will meet Ceilândia on Thursday night, it is not yet clear if they will have the right to resume. Luís Castro has taught a different team from one that has started in many games and the favorite is for the team to turn. The ball rolls over Nilton Santos at 21:30 (Brasília time), for the game returning from the third stage of the Copa do Brasil. As they won the first match 3-0, Bota advanced even though they lost by two goals.

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