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The English club will pay 3.5 million euros (R $ 18.4 million) for the 19-year-old. The price will go into tricolor coffers until the end of the year. The training staff even agreed not to list Marquinhos for Sunday game against Cuiabá, for Brasileirão.

Marquinhos has a contract with São Paulo until 2024. But this agreement violates FIFA rules, even under Brazilian law. This is an important factor that leads to faster sales and keeps the tricolor board marketable.

The player signed for 2019, at the age of 16, on his first contract. A five-year contract is allowed under the Pelé Act, but FIFA restricts the initial agreement for only three years.

Marquinhos in CT training of São Paulo – Photo: Erico Leonan / saopaulofc

As a result of this situation, São Paulo got into a fight with other players, such as defender Lucas Frasson – FIFA has put his own interests in touch with the players package in these situations. Frasson leaves the club with special permission from the organization.

If he decides to sue FIFA, Marquinhos could have his contract with São Paulo terminated in July – when it will be three years since signing began.

Remember how Marquinhos started out as a professional at São Paulo

Remember how Marquinhos started out as a professional at São Paulo

São Paulo, an insider, allegedly tried, about eight months ago, to make a new deal with Marquinhos, but had no response. Later, I learned that the player was in talks to sign a pre-contract with another club.

A European organization, six months ago, has found favor and abuse of an athlete, without consulting São Paulo. A change in the representation of Marquinhos, however, followed the further wording with Tricolor and increased the financial cost of the departure.

Therefore, Arsenal’s idea is satisfactory. The English club seeks relationships with São Paulo similar to those of Ajax and the Brazilian club – which led to Dutch forwards David Neres and Antony.

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Coach Rogério Ceni has hinted at the possibility of losing to Marquinhos after a 2-0 win over Juventude this Thursday.

– Marquinhos heard in CT something that would have been a false promise, which would have been an opportunity to get some money now, but I also do not know the history – says Ceni.

The player had his first time in the professional team in 2021. Since then, he has made 41 appearances and scored four goals.

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