Santos won the last Universidad in Ecuador and was unhappy with Bustos

Santos’ reserve team defeated the Universidad Católica 1-0 on Thursday night (5), at an altitude of 2,850 meters in Quito (EQUIP), for the fourth stage of the Copa Sudamericana group. The goal was scored by Rwan, in 45 minutes of the second half. This is the first time Peixe has been a guest, according to coach Fabián Bustos.

With the win, Santos went to second place, with seven points, and remained outside the area divided to the final of 16. Universidad added four and below Banfield, third. The leader is Unión La Calera (CHI), with eight – only the first place in each bracket to advance to the cup stage.

Bustos knows the risk of falling without a start, but he worries about wearing body and tears and Ecuador comes back with three key points. Santos will meet Banfield and Unión La Calera in Vila Belmiro to try first and it is up to you.

With a number of players resting, Santos will return to the field to face Cuiabá, on Sunday (8), in Vila, for the fifth time in the Brazilian Championship. For Sudamericana, the next round will be against La Calera, at home, on the 18th.


Who performed well: Eduardo Bauermann Camacho

Bauermann was safe and saved a goal crossing the line at the last minute. Camacho scored well and missed a few passes. Sandry and Gabriel Pirani also performed regularly. Rwan came in the second half and got everything wrong, but he finished perfectly in the stoppage time to secure three points.

Who is the villain: William Maranhão and Bryan Angulo

Maranhão, again, has seen many difficulties even short. Angulo, a hit with a few touches, needs to be out of range and still memorable a lot.

Santos game: strong defense

Peixe’s reserves were good in the field and suffered a bit, but they ran into the constraints of some and developed a bit in Quito until Rwan opened the scoring when the match is going to a draw.

Arguments, but goals

In 15 minutes, Ismael Diaz scored for the Universidad, but the referee noted. The prediction has been adjusted. As there is no VAR in Sudamericana, the adjudication firm is certified. In the end, it was Rwan turning, offside, swinging the net. The Santos striker was, in fact, ahead of time until he scored his legal goal.

end of waiting

With director João Paulo surviving, John returned to Santos after almost a year. The athlete received two intercepted knees and has not played since June 20, 2021, against São Paulo, in Vila Belmiro.

Return home

Fabián Bustos is Argentinian, but he worked for 12 years in Ecuador before leading Santos. The coach identified as “almost Ecuadorian” and returned to his home country this evening.


Copa Sudamericana – Four rounds of Group C.
Date: May 5, 2022 (Thursday)
Schedule: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Local: Atahualpa Stadium in Quito (EQU)
Referee: Gery Vargas (BOL)
Services: Jose Antelo and Edwar Saavedra (BOL)
Yellow cards: Mosquera (UNI)
Purpose: Rwan (SAN), 45 minutes into the second half

CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY: ua cuero, love, Mosquera, Caicedo and Cortez; highFacundo ua Martinez (Cevallos), Alzugaray and Diaz (Rivas); Christian Martinez and Clavijo (Challah). Physician: Miguel Rondelli

SAINTS: John, Auro, Emiliano Velázquez, Eduardo Bauermann and Felipe Jonatan; Willian Maranhão (Lucas Pires), Camacho (Vinicius Zanocelo), Sandry and Gabriel Pirani (Rwan Seco); Lucas Barbosa (Lucas Braga) and Bryan Angulo (Marcos Leonardo). Physician: Fabian Bustos

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