Santos tries to score five consecutive wins at Vila Belmiro after one year | the Christians

After ending a disappointing away game, with the victory of the Universidad de Quito, for the Sudamericana, coach Fabián Bustos tried to reach the milestone for Santos: the fifth consecutive victory in Vila Belmiro . The next contender will be Cuiabá, this Sunday, at 18:00 (Brasília time), for the fifth time in the Brazilian Championship.

So far, the leader of Peixe has completed 100% playing with the crowd. They have won the Água Santa (Paulista Championship), Coritiba and América-MG (Brazilian Championship) and the Universidad de Quito (South American Cup).

Unlike guest stays, Santos stops working in Vila Belmiro. With Bustos, there are 11 goals scored and five assists. If he crosses Cuiabá, the coach will be able to equalize between May and June last year, by Marcelo Fernandes and Fernando Diniz.

Fabián Bustos during Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

At the time, coach Ariel Holan had just left Santos after a defeat for the Corinthians, in Vila Belmiro, for Campeonato Paulista. Marcelo Fernandes worked part-time and led Peixe in victories against The Strongest, to the Copa Libertadores da América, and São Bento, to Paulistão.

Later, the club announced Fernando Diniz as coach. At home, the new manager won Boca Juniors, the Copa Libertadores, Ceará, the Brazilian Championship, and Cianorte, the Copa do Brasil.

Renata Mendonça examined Santos vs Cuiabá for the 5th round of Brasileirão

Renata Mendonça examined Santos vs Cuiabá for the 5th round of Brasileirão

Bustos wants to take advantage of Peixe’s in-house performance to pack in the competition. Of the next seven games, six will be under Santos. Among them were the deciding place in the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil, against Coritiba, and the match against Unión La Calera and Banfield, for the Copa Sudamericana.

In Brasileirão, in addition to Cuiabá, Santos meets Palmeiras and Ceará. Later, with departure to Arena Barueri.

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