Santos dominates Coritiba in Vila and advances in the Copa do Brasil

Santos beat (and trust) Coritiba 3-0 today (12), in Vila Belmiro. After a 1-0 loss to Couto Pereira, Peixe was forgotten and was in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. Goals were scored by Marcos Leonardo, Madson and Rodrigo Fernández.

Peixe beat Coritiba by open time, but only opened the scoring in the second half, when the “doors opened”. The team has had the best performance since arriving at Fabián Bustos in February. Bustos was in the box after being removed from Curitiba and found his aide Lucas Ochandorena speaking to the team in the field.

Santos is now waiting for the draw to introduce the winner in the round of 16. With the distribution, Peixe guaranteed R $ 3 million in prizes. Funds will be an important source for alvinegro cash flows.

Packed, Santos will return to the venue to meet Goiás on Sunday, in Goiânia, for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship. Peixe is the runner-up in the race, with 10 points.


Who did better: Eduardo Bauermann and Rodrigo Fernández

The defense was impeccable and saved some counterattacks from Coritiba. Bauermann also performed well in some of the attacks. Fernández was the center-back and even his first goal for Santos. Other Peixe players also featured, including Velázquez, Lucas Pires, Vinicius Zanocelo, Jhojan Julio, Léo Baptistão and Marcos Leonardo.

Who is bad: no one

Madson had a poor first half, but came back better in the final and gained confidence after scoring Santos’ second goal. Apart from it, none of Pezis’s offense. Ricardo Goulart is the most versatile.

Santos’ game: complete dominance

Santos dictated the pace of the game from the start, but did not turn the attack into a clear goal in the first half. In the final round, Marcos Leonardo scored second and started the Peixe reaction. Madson and Rodrigo Fernández scored on the night for Santos.

stinks of purpose

Marcos Leonardo barely touches the ball and sometimes seems oblivious to the game, but he is always in place. Another goal is a small area for medium-to-forward performance.

Discreet Ricardo Goulart (again)

Goulart has other options as a starter and has a good time or elsewhere, but it’s little. The shirt 10 has yet to manage to shine for Santos.

Against the heritage?

Alef Manga, sent to Coritiba, does not hide that he is from Santos. In the first half, he missed two good ways. Fans in Vila Belmiro shouted that he was rooting for Peixe and praised after the mistake.

wall press

Goalkeeper Alex Muralha has been the goal of Santos fans since warm-up, when he heard some of: “Ô Ô Ô, kick the Muralha who is the goal”. During the match, Santos fans asked Peixe about football all the time. Muralha, however, is safe to be successful and miss the target.



Date: May 12, 2022 (Thu)
Schedule: 9:30 pm ib
Local: Vila Belmiro in Santos (SP)
Public: 13,692 ib
Income: BRL 339,262.00 It
Referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio (DF)
Services: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (BA) and Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (GO)
Yellow cards: Rodrigo Fernández (Santos) and Guilherme Birro, Guillermo, Alex Muralha, Régis and Adrián Martínez (Coritiba)

purpose: Marcos Leonardo, of second, Madson, of 15, and Rodrigo Fernández, of 17 minutes of the second half.

SAINTS: João Paulo, Madson, Emiliano Velázquez, Eduardo Bauermann and Lucas Pires; Rodrigo Fernández (Felipe Jonatan), Vinicius Zanocelo (Camacho), Léo Baptistão (Rwan) and Jhojan Julio (Sandry); Ricardo Goulart (Bryan Angulo) and Marcos Leonardo. Coach: Lucas Ochandorena (assistant)

CORITIBA: Alex Muralha, Guillermon (Adrian Martínez), Henrique, Luciano Castán and Guilherme Biro; Willian Farias, Matheus Alexandre, Andrey (Pablo Garcia) and Robinho (Régis); Alef Manga (Warley) and Clayton (Léo Gamalho). Coach: Gustavo Morínigo

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