Santa Catarina from Ethereum Rio: crash in Web3

Since joining Web3, all of my interactions with humans have gone through Discord. What is the real impact of the situation?

“Since I joined Web3, all of my interactions with people have been through the internet, chatting on Discord and no contact with friends. The real interaction of the situation What?


One Brian Sander Almeida dos AnjosFind members of Bankless Brasil

One fact I can say during Ethereum Rio 2022, the largest ETH event in Latin America that ended on March 20: Santa Catarina is 100% involved in the Web3 ecosystem. I personally think this is the best event I have ever been to. However, this is my first “industry” event, but I would say that “industry” has nothing to do with it.

Since joining Web3, all of my interactions with people have been over the internet, talking to people on Discord, the most powerful tool in the Web3 ecosystem. During the almost six months I have been at Bankless Brasil I have never had contact with my Bankless friends. So, try to imagine what an IRL connection looks like (in real life)?

I have a wonderful right to be able to help after the event as a volunteer, assisted recognition (I can welcome and hear the energy of the people many), I have helped with the distribution of gifts, guidance, skepticism. and the experience was excellent. This is an international event focusing on Latin America, the first Ethereum independence.

It is a pleasure to be able to connect with people who have worked so well at Web3 for so long. My priority was to personally meet Camila Russo, CEO and founder of The Defiant, the largest DeFi and Web3 platform in the world. By way of comparison: they are Bloomberg of DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

We have already made a podcast with it, you can check out this link. In fact, it’s glad how much everyone knows about Bankless and what we are doing: crypto education, DeFi, Web3 in Brazil in general. In Brazil, only 5% of our population speaks English, so the independence of this information is an important pillar for the country’s crypto education.

About DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), this is one of the most talked about topics at the event, and since last August we have been working on this project from onboarding people to Web3, Crypto, DeFi, etc. I connect with wonderful people who work in other DAOs around the world, processors, companies, traders, VCs and more.

He could not talk about Rio without talking about the beautiful landscape and location, got to know my “fren” from the Carioca Metaverso… Why I think it’s so important to get involved , if possible, in situations like this: Contacts through “Metaverso” can be good, but nothing will interfere with personal connection with friends.

Santa Catarina in full force. I appreciate the friends I made with Floripa. I had decided to move closer to them. To be sure, Florianópolis has its own Web3 ecosystem in Brazil. A friend I met has won first place in the first Ethereum Rio Hackathon in Latin America. This gift went to Florianópolis. (angry!)

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