Salum, from the US, warns LIBRA: ‘No competition with 40 teams’

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Marcus Salum, from the US, hopes to have a consensus on the establishment of LIBRA, but with a fair distribution of revenue from the organization.

Next Monday (16th), at least 23 organizations that are part of the FUTEBOL FORTE block will meet in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the terms and conditions for the final LIBRA membership. This is what the Brazilian League knows, developed by So Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos, RB Bragantino, Ponte Preta, Cruzeiro, Flamengo and Vasco.

The desire of FUTEBOL FORTE block, that is

Marcus Salum, Amrica’s club-company football coordinator, is one of the most vocal members of this group who is calling for changes in the structure stated by the founder of LIBRA and warned in an interview with the Superesportes Interview podcast: “Only competition with. 40. No league not even 20”.

Because of the Hosting Code, which gives the hosting agencies the right to televise the rules of the competition, Salum sees the FUTEBOL FORTE team with attractive interviews on the topic of LIBRA.

“There has to be teamwork, because the Law protects us today. Today, if I were to join 12, 10 teams, I would have ten games from every team in Brazil. I have ten games for Atlético, ten games for Corinthians, ten games for Palmeiras, do you understand? So, the strength of a team started with Mandante Law.

Moving on to frustration, Salum and his blockchain partners have come up with a discussion plan that will take the focus away from the big clubs and give importance to Brazilian football as a product of value. including fair distribution of funds.

“If you created the LIBRA, it would only be possible if it created 12 clubs (today, there are 9). Needless to say, we are partners, we have business with these organizations. “The thinking should be: we watch Brazilian football or we will always be hostages to a greater power that can not represent us (CBF)”.

“If a league were to be set up, it would have to be for the benefit of Brazilian football, and not just for the organizations. The dialogue has been re-established, the dialogue has taken place. Many organizations will be available on Monday (16), I do not know how much, so we can list the people who will edit this discussion, “Salum added to Superesportes.

See below design of each block and its specifications:


Members: Corinthians, So Paulo, Palmeiras, Santos, Bragantino, Ponte Preta, Flamengo, Vasco and Cruzeiro

Income distribution:

  • 40% of the money is divided equally between the groups
  • 30% depends on your performance in Series A or B
  • 30% different from engagement and audience.
  • 15% of revenue goes to Serie B


Members: Athletico, Amrica-MG, Atltico-GO, Ava, Brusque, Cear, Chapecoense, CSA, CRB, Coritiba, Cricima, Cuiab, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Gois, Young, Londrina, Nutico, Operrio, Sampaio Corra, Sports, Tombense . new town

Income distribution:

  • 50% equivalent
  • 25% efficiency
  • 25% trade, with goals and metrics
  • Revenues varied between the largest and lowest clubs focused on the 1.6 cap over time (Premier League benchmark), with a cap of 3.5 from the first year;
  • Commitment that Series B receives 20% of the proceeds from the sale of advertising rights

Clubs do not have a side definition

Atltico, Grmio, Internacional, Bahia and Botafogo

Salum warned that Monday’s meeting, in Rio de Janeiro, should move towards the approval of the FOOTBALL FORTE demand and LIBRA. “We have a different technique and there is no importance in sitting down and not seeing the average. If on Monday we do not start on that path, I think football is failing.”

The American leader also edited: “What is not equal: the increase from the largest in impact to the least. You must create a goal that you can not earn more than 3.5 , 4 times the minimum. 3.5. We will not take the goal. Problems and solve them in one day, with a stroke of the pen. “

Union to make more money through TV rules

Marcus Salum also recalls that, in the past, only TV Globo could fund national football with the purchase of broadcast rights. Now, the scenario has changed. In many states, there is no agreement with the media to cover the regions.

TV Globo contracts with teams competing in the Brazilian Championship run until 2024. The goal is for the league to start in 2025, with new contracts already signed and better events for the involved.

“Star, football is controlled by a big check, by a big company (TV Globo), which gives what it needs to be football. Yes. You have to have the skills. If you do not have the expertise to do this, instead of raising the price, it will decrease, this should be done soon, because 2025 is around ten. “

Brazilian football sold worldwide

The greater number of associations in the Brazilian Championship was introduced by Salum as a distinction for the preferences of international brands.

While in Europe the likes have always been the same, as in Real Madrid and Barcelona in LaLiga, in Brazil there is no hope.

“The numbers we are working on and the services we have to sell a percentage of the league have already raised a lot of revenue. The Brazilian Championship is more equitable than anything else. racing in the world., every game is very difficult… very equal, because there are many differences. But it has been poorly researched “, he said.

Marcus Salum at the Superesportes Conference podcast
Photo: Leandro Couri / EM / DAPress

Marcus Salum at the Superesportes Conference podcast

“We can not assume that the president of the club knows how (foreign sales) there are big companies in the world. We got the president of La Liga (Javier Tebas), who There was a presentation in So Paulo, where he said: ‘Make you the best and always the worst. And every year do more and more understand that the presidents can not control the league. The league is a democracy, ‘added Marcus Salum.

Ronaldo’s involvement in LIBRA

Finally, the American leader treated Ronaldo as a key figure in the formation of the Brazilian League because of his vision for the industry.

“Ronaldo has a European mind and is clear, intelligent, and he knows the connection. But he has many problems (from Cruzeiro) that he does not participate in the LaLiga project, because he In Serie A, however, we have to separate SAF from Cruzeiro from Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a world figure, respectful, very intelligent, prepared and who will add more to the Liga “I have no faith.”

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