Salum, from the US, reviews the sale of SAF from Cruzeiro to Ronaldo

Salum identifies the eyes of SAF as Cruzeiro for Ronaldo Fen
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Salum identifies the eyes of SAF as Cruzeiro for Ronaldo Fenmeno

Marcus Salum, president of Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF) of the US, estimated the sale of 90% of the shares in SAF do Cruzeiro to Ronaldo for R $ 400 million. According to the director who led Coelho talks, the club in Heaven has no choice but to sell to the former Brazilian club.

Join in a podcast Supersports Conference, This Thursday (12), Salum mentioned two great advantages of the business between Raposa and Fenmeno. However, he also mentioned what could happen in the long run with Cruzeiro in case of mismanagement.

“I would say two things about this: Cruzeiro has no choice, but at least he goes to someone in the industry who proves it. These are two good things I would say. I know contract, but it is. Well that Cruzeiro has no other choice, what can he do? “, he said.

“The second is for someone in the industry, I bring people to know, I’m telling him, but they will suffer a lot. Cruzeiro will suffer what I wish the United States would not suffer. poverty: the spread of debt. ” , he warned.

Ronaldo signed a goal to buy 90% of Cruzeiro players on December 18, but has asked for 120 days to keep up with the club. The meeting only ends on April 8.

The current contract provides for an investment of R $ 400 million over the next five years, including the investor’s personal capital and / or additional income from sports. (sales of sports, television rights, gifts, box office, partners and promotions.) above average calculated from 2017 to 2021 (around BRL 220 million).

Discussion of sales templates

In the aftermath of the “strike”, some leaders took over from Ronaldo’s wishes, while others understood that the organization would run the risk of losing its capital and would not come. can pay extra expenses in ten years.

The Board of Directors of the Decision-making Committee also inquired about the initial status of the business. Therefore, he set the time to vote to complete the eye according to the new mold.

Ronaldo role

Under SAF law, the club-company will also change 20% of its revenue to reduce public agency debt.

The payment period is six years, extended for another four years if the club decides 60% of the original responsibility. The value of R $ 1 billion can be reduced in direct negotiations with the lenders.

With Ronaldo in charge since December 18, 2021, Cruzeiro has paid more than BRL 38 million in debt to FIFA and kept the salary up to date for the players and staff. .

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