Ronaldo proud duel with Grêmio to measure Cruzeiro level of change in Serie B: “Success test” | ride a boat

With an eye on the G-4 side of Série B at the Brazilian Championship, Cruzeiro faces Grêmio, in a match seen by many of the club’s elite figures, at least on paper. Ronaldo, in live, talks about the importance of the game on Sunday, 16h (from Brasília), of Independência.

The Cruzeiro’s director described the race – with three consecutive victories – and saw the Belo Horizonte strike as crucial for Cruzeiro to measure the level of change in the first four months of the year. ride with Pezzolano.

“It will be a great game. Grêmio just lost, he has a good team, he packed things. It will be a good test to know where we are, how much we have changed. and how much we can improve. “

Paulo Pezzolano in Cruzeiro training – Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro

“Let’s go to Brasileirão! The biggest announcement of the game for the price that gives the game. Sign Premiere!”

Phenomenon also highlights the importance of Cruzeiro making a difference as a home team. In this match, the team won two home games, against Brusque and Londrina, both 1-0. Both are based in Mineirão, which at this time would not be able to hold Raposa due to the country music.

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– It is important to score, we have to make a difference at home, including our big fans, which will make Independência. The victory of this direct attack is crucial.

Independência will receive the full Sunday game. More than 20,000 fans were in demand, and all used tickets were already sold, two days before the tournament.

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Frequently asked questions in Ronaldo’s life, requests for support were made again this Friday. The captain continued with previous remarks received from him and also from other members of the football team. The review will run until July, when the national support window will reopen.

– The next window we will examine with the trainer, with Pedro, with Paulo André, to measure which products we need in the next market. Until then, we need to improve what we have, work hard and earn the points we need away from home. It may hurt, but it will get better in the end.

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