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Ronaldo in Belo Horizonte will be short. But it should be necessary for the Phenomenon. At about three and a half hours he spent in Independência, following the split of Cruzeiro, the current athletic director of Raposa passed the roller coaster of thought during the race. si. But in the end, he came out with a smile on his face with a place in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

Ronaldo arrives in BH on Thursday and is due to leave town on Friday. In the box that is usually in Independência, Ronaldo faced a period of tensions with Cruzeiro, as in the end of the first half, when the goal did not come and the team had to respond in the second half. He did not even leave the box for half an hour.

As well as in times of agitation and a mixture of euphoria and despair with memory and beating penalties. Finally, after Rafael Cabral’s defense, he still enjoys some time in the cabin sector, the crowd party – which calls itself the “Gordão Troop” – and the players with the division.

Ronaldo with family of Cruzeiro fans of Independência – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

– Ronaldo, you are our hero

These are the words spoken by fans in the quick meetings that they have with Phenomenon for pictures. In fact, Ronaldo replied, as far as possible, one by one who asked him to register at Independência.

Ronaldo of Independência to Cruzeiro x Remo – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

“Bora de Brasileirão! The greatest advertisement of the game for the price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

Premiere Brasileirão banner – Photo: Print

Wherever he went, Phenomenon always loved to listen. One of the greatest players in the history of world football and responsible for the goal that kept the fifth team in the world competitive, he was always bullied.

Therefore, even to arrive and leave Independência, it must go through a policy arranged by the security guards. When he arrived at the stadium, he was accompanied by four security guards.

In the middle of the people arriving and leaving the box, the other five / six join together to form a separate road so that it can cross and enter or exit the elevator to enter the on-site parking lot. multiple packages.

Ronaldo surrounded by fans and the climate of Independência – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

After the match, Ronaldo Fenômeno was still in Cruzeiro jail and had a short chat with the players from the team. Defender Zé Ivaldo reveals little about that ua geof what Phenomenon has said to athletes.

-He is a stranger. He just thanked us for our resistance and delivery. And keep going, because it has everything working out.

Even Cruzeiro players tie Ronaldo when possible. For example, defender Wagner Leonardo asked his friend and athlete Gabriel Mesquita to pose for a photo with Ronaldo. Striker Rodolfo, at the door of Raposa’s locker room, also wins a case with Phenomenon.

Leonardo Wagner poses for a picture with Ronaldo Phenomenon of Independência – Photo: Gabriel Duarte

In the jail, other athletes were also registered by Raposa’s athletic leaders, such as Rômulo and Rafael Cabral. Ronaldo is due to leave BH this Friday and has not yet been scheduled for his return. It should be followed by the end of the second of Spain, in loco, in hopes of seeing Real Valladolid confirm the entry.

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