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A friend of Róger Guedes for many years and one of the leaders of the Corinthians team, left-back Fábio Santos has tried to ignore the protesters’ grievances or problems in the club environment.

In recent weeks, Corinthians fans have begun to think in the media that Róger Guedes would not be happy with the transfer sponsored by coach Vítor Pereira.

The story gained momentum after the match against Fortaleza, when shirt 9 said “it’s hard to play one and expect two” and returned for the first Sunday last week, after compete with Bragantino. At the time, the Portuguese went on the rampage after the last whistle picked him up and received only a touch of a hand, no buttons, as happened with another athlete.

– Needless to say, our daily routine was so good, the relationship that Róger had with everyone, with the teaching staff, the day of peace, I do not know what to answer. He sees this request in a good way, it is natural, someone who plays for Corinthians has this request, good times and bad, there are many weeks when fans will love you , there are weeks when they do not like you, us. Re-applied for now, it’s in the field that needs to be given a positive response – announced Fábio Santos, who continued:

– After the incident, nothing to talk about, Guedes has a good relationship with all the players. This complaint is the inability of the existing one, the demand from us is very high, every player we see in the past has tried to hurry as soon as possible, because it would like to get all.. The fans have to stay, the environment we control, I am a man who cares about the environment, I like to live in a good environment, I make a good environment, everything matters, rest assured that we can solve it. He stays with Vitor, with the commission … After the scenes no problem, thank God.

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Fábio Santos, left-back for Corinthians, smiles at a news conference – Photo: Bruno Cassucci

At 36, Fábio Santos is the oldest player of the Corinthians now, but he has benefited from a rotation by coach Vítor Pereira, with plenty of time off from playing.

– As time went on, it was tense to wear and tear, getting back was harder, I could play three games, but in four or fifth, the return has been more difficult. The rotation was very good, I think my grade has improved a lot with this rotation – it was sorted.

The left-back has a contract until the end of the season and believes he can play next year. However, his eternity of Timão has yet to be discussed between him and the board.

– Everyone knows my relationship with Duilio (Monteiro Alves, president of Corinthians), Alessandro (Nunes, football manager) and Roberto (de Andrade, football manager). We have not talked about it, I want to wait until the end of the year to see the events that I arrive, I believe I can play at a high level, but I want to know their ideas, I do not want to get in the way. If they think I am worthwhile and if I think I should go on, we will sit down and talk and see what is best for me and Kauleethaus. Today, I think I can play another year of college. As I said, I do not want to hurt the Corinthians. If he was not in Corinth, he could have stayed elsewhere or if he came last year and it was too late, he would be here. I have not yet thought about it, I will release it at the end of the year – announced Fábio Santos.

The captain of the Brazilian Championship, Timão returns to the venue this Saturday, when he meets Internacional, at 19h, in Beira-Rio.

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