Rodrigo Caio, from Flamengo, recalls his disagreement with Aguirre and praised Paulo Sousa’s visit: “Very kind” | Flamengo

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-When I heard that Mister was going to be in the hospital to hug me, I did not know her, and she did not know me, she had just arrived. He went to me and gave me a hug and said, “Strength.” For me, it means a lot. Before you look at that situation and say, “He cares for me. He will give me a word of encouragement and it will count for me.”

And after a day or two, he calls me: “So, Rodrigo, how are you? Stay steadfast, knowing that all things are possible, God is on your side and we are here to support you.” you with us. as soon as possible “. That, for me, is the attitude of people with a good heart. When a person is in a situation like this, he falls down and needs a hand. And he gave me his hand at that moment. And every time I was in CT he always asked. This is priceless and, without a doubt, very symbolic.

Rodrigo Caio needs from Gabigol to embrace Flamengo first goal – Photo: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

Returning to the Portuguese squad, Rodrigo spoke of frustration with Uruguayan Diego Aguirre, who, according to him, did not impress when he injured his left foot in 2018, while defending São Paulo. At the time, the Olympic champion was one of the names to compete in the World Cup in Russia.

– He remembers me a lot when he came to visit me. That is the attitude of people who think about the future. I have been seriously injured and I have had many training problems. Coach (Aguirre) can. I have a foot injury, I have not been able to work for three months, and the trainer has not had a single physical visit to hug me or ask me what I am doing. This is a difficult problem because it is the most sad time for any athlete. You hurt, and this time I was fighting for a place in the World Cup. I was injured two weeks before the last call – he recalled.

Fred Gomes talks about the return of Rodrigo Caio

Fred Gomes talks about the return of Rodrigo Caio

Coach aside, Rodrigo went back to celebrating the first red-black goal, which Gabigol and other friends jumped for him. Viewed by Gilvan de Souza (at the top of the sentence)one of Flamengo photographers, the athlete said:

– It is a picture that shows the unity of this group and love. I already had it from the beginning. We created a very special family here. Since I was injured, I have had the unwavering support of all the players. Mercy is very important to me to get back to what I love.

Flamengo vs Altos: Rodrigo Caio – Photo: André Durão

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