Rock Bottom: Only one player registered online in Fall Babylon

The Square Enix title is on the verge of release shortly after release

Usually, when we say “nobody plays” a game, we use the power of expression. Just take a closer look at the numbers, however low, to see that there are hundreds and thousands of players given time to sign up.

This is not always the case. The fall of Babylon, a title released by Square Enix. On the 4th of May, over 24 hours, he was registered in the Class only one online player. That’s right: only one hero ventured in and played.

The fall of Babylon is the greatest failure of 2022

It’s only been two months since the game was released and the developers have promised that it can become “live game”, all of the time. Registration of the online player looks like, until now, below the water. On average, there are records between 30 and 60 players most of the time – which is insignificant.

It is worth noting that these numbers are only sent to Steam, which means we can have more heroes there to enjoy the game on PS5 and PS4. Even older company names like Avengers and Outriders, while far from complete, recorded numbers far beyond that – 276 and 862 on average, respectively.

At least for now, neither Square Enix nor Platinum Games has thrown in the towel.. The companies recently stated that, despite acknowledging the negative results, they are holding a plan to create more content for the game in order to keep it active. The company even asked for public help.

– Continued after announcement –

It will also be seen how long this strike will last, many numbers better than this has been enough to close many contracts in other companies.

So, did you have any experience with Babylon the fall? Did you like the game or did you just quit?

Despite the unpopular reception, Babylon the Great will continue, states Square Enix

Despite the unpopular reception, Babylon the Great will continue, states Square Enix
The developer has a lot of programmed content for the game


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