Rob Manfred and MLB Find Relationships on Baseballs

President Rob Manfred is well aware that his baseball team has been scrutinized by players, fans and others, and while Major League Baseball is working to address a number of issues, he the terms of the terms have a key meaning: similar.

Speaking with a team of athletes at MLB headquarters in Manhattan on Monday, Manfred discussed the state of the sport, new league streaming deals, potential changes and upgrades. ranks of women of all levels of baseball. But the conversation goes back to the status of baseballs used in majors this season and the many questions that surround them.

Of the two problems are not the same concerns. Some in baseball believe the ball is deadly, competitive and offensive throughout the league. Others have wondered whether there were any safety issues following MLB’s increased enforcement of restrictions on the availability of foreign products that help hold, a move that has affected pitchers.

On both sides, Manfred said the understanding is not in line with reality.

It is true that crime is declining. The average batting total in majors this season is .232. When that number is to be adjusted according to warm weather, it is far from the low of .237, which was set for 1968, better known as Year Pitcher. Scores are at their lowest level since 1981, and home run, which is expected to increase with temperature, is at its lowest level since 2014.

When it was reported by Business Insider that two volleyball matches were being used during the 2021 Games season, Manfred said the change had been applied to the ball used in major stadiums during the season. past and league prior to the amendment: It repeats a notice. The league has been commissioned to study the ball, which sees the top concern as improving connectivity.

Manfred said: “The changes we have made in ’21 are intended for, and have made, the benefits of working in baseball in a lot of tighter terms,” ​​Manfred said.

As reported, the league, which owns a minority group in Rawlings, a specialized manufacturer of baseballs, experimented with humidors last season, testing them in an “outlying” industry on in terms of weather conditions. As a result, humidors have been set up at every stadium by 2022. No other modifications have been applied to baseballs, all of these have been made with the same content as last year. 2021, according to the league.

Regarding the safety issue raised by Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt and others, Manfred pointed out that while the number of hit basemen is not increasing at all – even if it is for the Mets – the first lead the league further to find the middle ground with the players by holding the ball. . The target, he said, was looking for ways to keep pitchers comfortable in the mound without having to return to commercial products, such as Spider Tack, which was spotted by multiple performance-improvements because they allow pitchers to hold the ball better and turn it faster.

“We have two external products that we are trying, including large leagues and small organizations, designed to solve the holding problem,” Manfred said. “It’s two different ways of getting better and working better for the players.

“We want to give pitchers a ball with better grip, more consistent, no, let me use the phrase ‘performance,’ to deal with sticky stuff.”

He said baseball will have a patron approved by next season.

As for the league’s other issues, Manfred said: “Our priority now is to reach our fans through the media.” He said the league has said that with live streaming, like the recent deals with Peacock and Apple TV +, and by finding ways to support more services without interruption. in addition to the regional sports standards that have benefited the league.

He said MLB has succeeded in many small contests to improve the game, with the soundtrack being the closest to the use of the major leagues. She also said she believed the advancement of women, in and out, was crucial.

Talking about the 99-day shutdown that took place during the football season, Manfred said his removal was important if he needed to increase communication, something he was missing out on. made by meeting with small group members. And while many of the thoughts were injured during the closing stages, he said he ended up in the right place.

“Finally, we got an agreement that allowed us to play 162 games,” he said, “and that’s the most important thing.”

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