Roads vs. Web 3.0 Rules: Caution

That the phenomenon of the internet has changed the world and the way we live it can not be denied. From Web 1.0, a level marked by unidirectional navigation and high value, we move to Web 2.0, with free access and multi-level interaction, to Level 3.0, which promises will transfer previous experiences into the body. world. – read the metaverse.

Trajectories and changes that have drastically changed (and will change!) The technology industry. Think of the bubbles of the 2000s. An idea that marked the overvaluation of this means of communication, and which generated a false idea of ​​the potential of unlimited profits. Given this, at the time, many companies wanted to “ride the dot-com wave”, but halfway through, when the world began to realize that the darling of the season was not the root of unlimited income, the bubble burst. What happened? Stock prices will fall and big losses will occur.

Taking it to the present point, the point I want to make is: there is a better way of doing things and the way in which Web 3.0 can impact investment. I am talking here about digital assets and non-digital assets.

Today, for example, many refer to NFTs, the term for non-fungible token (non-fungible token, in Portuguese translation) in financial markets. It turns out that a product becomes an investment needs guarantees, ballasts, which must be clear and concise. NFTs, however, do not represent capital assets.

Therefore, before betting on digital products, it is important to consider some questions.

learn about marketing

To know, for example, if the return on investment is what it really is, solid. It is necessary to know at least the risks and characteristics of each asset before investing.

Choose a secure and trustworthy partnership

When it comes to digital investment, the ground for uncertainty is huge. That is why it is important to choose a solution, a company recognized in the area, with confidence. In order not to invest in “boredom”, in addition to learning about the market, it is necessary to study the consensus, including the background.

Be aware of the risks

People who want to seek a higher return have to take a higher risk. Most of these risks are hidden, or require more effort to detect them. So taking care of the details makes all the difference.

Beware of the Promise of “Magic Formulas”

Do not invest immediately. A deeper focus can avoid subsequent setbacks.

Knowledge is the key

Digital asset marketing is a dynamic, both in terms of the use of technology and the supply and demand of services. Follow-up on a regular basis and in constant research is a local phenomenon.

The truth is that there is little care when the eye and the stress turn to the financial markets preferred by Web 3.0. In order to prevent new bubbles from exploding, both globally and personally, it is important to consider a number of factors before following the uncertainty of the current, to minimize damage and avoid irreversible damage.

Cassio Krupinsk, CEO of BlockBR.

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