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Ricardo Goulart has sought to rebuild himself at Santos. Used to be a midfielder, in the 4-2-3-1 concept, the number 10 began to play another role under the command of Fabián Bustos, playing further next, close to Marcos Leonardo, in 4- 4-2.

The athlete talked to coach Santos and worked to revise the game standards. For this, the player usually arrives early for training at CT Rei Pelé and is the last one to finish the job.

– I believe it is all about flexibility. I tried to work out my responsibilities based on the teacher’s strategy. I am 100% physical, I feel good, and little by little I have more confidence in this new role, and therefore, a change of position – says Ricardo Goulart.

Ricardo Goulart during Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

In the final, Ricardo Goulart was selected along with Léo Baptistão and Marcos Leonardo. At the moment, shirt 10 was used to work with two friends. Now, the trio is looking for a better relationship.

– They are two good players, with different profiles. Léo is a man of knowledge, gathering, and Marcos is a boy of great potential. I believe that three of us are learning from each other, and in fact, we are just thinking of what is best for Santos.

As the Jersey 10 itself has said, little by little it will win back the fans of Peixe. In the game against Coritiba, for the Copa do Brasil, the player was praised after being substituted. To him, this protest came from fans from the working group on the field.

Santos defeated Coritiba in Vila and passed the stage in the Copa do Brasil

Santos defeated Coritiba in Vila and passed the stage in the Copa do Brasil

– I’m happy with the love of the fans. I know the importance and responsibility that I have when wearing this shirt, I dedicate myself and try to be the best for the team.The fans have supported us a lot. Vila Belmiro has another energy, this is incredible.

Ricardo Goulart also faces a quick goal for Peixe. The last was against Água Santa, on March 19, for Paulistão. He had nine runs without hitting the nets. However, the 10 jerseys try to stay in order to score more points.

– (Purpose) will come from time to time. I am here to help, and the key is for the team to win.

Later, Santos returns to the area this Sunday to meet Goiás, at 19:00 (GMT), in Goiânia, for the sixth time in Brasileirão.

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