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Sweet dot for the taste of almost won, but still important on the leaderboard. Despite the victory of the Boca Juniors defense Always Planned, Timão is still in the lead, with seven points.

The game concept has proven to be true and maintains the unity of Vítor Pereira’s claims. Do not take the risk, the trainers hold the likes of Willian and Renato Augusto on the bench and bet on full tank players like Gustavo Mantuan, Giuliano and Gustavo Mosquito.

Maycon in action during Deportivo Cali x Corinthians – Photo: Reuters

After only four minutes, the first sound and another hit: Fagner was injured, asked to leave, and the coach had to strike to the right. He puts Lucas Piton, left-back, in charge.

It sounds crazy, but it works. The Corinthians did not lose their balance and, by the middle of the first half, managed a good game. On the offensive side, Du Queiroz played for Jô, which sees Mantuan White in a small area. It was 1-0. It ends as a massacre.

Although there was still Cássio working (as in outside football by Téo Gutiérrez), the Corinthians were better and more important to score, especially in the final stages. Has nothing to do with Jô (defensive player), Maycon (top kick), Fábio Santos (outdoor kick) and more …

Fábio Santos regrets the penalty in Deportivo Cali x Corinthians – Photo: EFE

The Portuguese coach tried to change the game with the addition of Willian and Renato Augusto, who set the standard, and then Júnior Moraes and Gil, changing the goal of the team again in the end, with the base of our defense, more broad and. Socks with freedom to strike.

Both teams can score from the penalty spot. Téo Gutiérrez stopped in the rescue by Cássio. Fábio Santos, who missed the penalty, split the ball in close range at the last minute.

Road never comes, but it is near. Vítor Pereira excelled in his selection and, once again, won points with the fans. Familiar names like Cássio, Jô and Renato Augusto, who started well in the tournament, stood out in the game. Not even the constant performance of Raul and João Victor makes a difference in the game.

The Corinthians, still under development and in the process of self-realization, took another important step out of the house. A bitter taste tie, but that leaves a lot of sense better than bad.

“To win, but the draw is important”, comments Careca | The Voice of Hmong

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