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Vasco beat CSA 1-0 on Saturday night, joining the team of the top four and currently only without a win in Série B of Brasileirão. But he also flirted with danger in São Januário, saw the negative and heard protests from the crowd. From boos to parties. From fear to comfort.

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Often, Vasco de Zé Ricardo had other setbacks, especially in the first half, when the creation sector was not working and the team was not up against the opponent from Alagoas. On the contrary: he still sees CSA having two options in the best way, but Thiago Rodrigues holds the ball in the shot where, fortunately for Vasco, coach Lucas Barcelos has done poorly.

The changes at the start of the second half change the face of the game. Figueiredo, Juninho and Palacios adjusted the blocking strategy and immediately led the team forward. After one or two chances, Gabriel Pec opened the scoring after a kick from Figueiredo on the post, scoring his first goal in Serie B and giving the team a second win in the competition. .

Gabriel Pec dances in Vasco’s mission against CSA in São Januário – Photo: André Durão

With the result, Vasco reached 10 points and jumped to fifth. He has the same score as Cruzeiro and Grêmio (meeting each other on Sunday), but one win less than the duo. The team could still fall to sixth place if Ponte Preta wins the classic against Guarani.

Getúlio is big news in the lineup of coach Zé Ricardo. The Shirt 99 entered Figueiredo’s place in the offensive line and earned it his third time as a starter since his arrival at Vasco, for the first time in Series B. competition, the coach explained that he hopes most will take advantage. aerial ball. But the idea did not work.

Far from the area, Getúlio got most of the ball still in the middle of the field, sticking to the outside and with it back to where the team had struggled. He struggled a lot – it was responsible for the match which, if it were not for Gabriel Pec’s loss, could have resulted in a great opportunity for Vasco. But the fact of changing Figueiredo, which has been successful, makes the fans patient.

In the second or third mistake of the striker, the fans were scolded and asked for a change. The final straw was an attempt to reverse the game in the second half which he sent off at Marco Túlio’s foot. The CSA striker thanked for his gift, carrying and threatening Thiago Rodrigues goal with a kick from outside. Getúlio left the field in 14 minutes without getting even a cross in the area.

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Justice accomplished: Getúlio stays away from Vasco’s main issue in São Januário. Team once failed to create and follow the playbook of touch without objectivity in the defensive field until someone tried a direct link to the attack. The first game of the season only happened in the 16th minute of the first half, but Raniel could not control the ball through Andrey, who, in turn, had a very good performance.

The best chances came from a free kick from Nenê through which Marcelo Carné passed and from the Edimar cross from the left that Gabriel Dias, on the second stick, completed half a goal. fish for another rescue by CSA athlete. A small oasis in the desert of creation that was Vasco in the first half.

The first 10 minutes of the second half is more of the same. It was only in the 13th minute that Vasco began to repeat the response: Raniel got on the right side of the area and crossed low, the defense made him bad, and Nenê kicked the defender Lucão at the reverse. Then came the changes. Getúlio gave way to Figueiredo, and Andrey to Juninho (who recovered from a thigh injury and returned to the list after three rounds). And the game has changed.

Two players, but usually a midfielder, filled the gap in the middle and pushed the team to attack. At 22, Palacios replaced Nenê and resumed breathing among the group. Before Gabriel Pec opened the scoring, Figueiredo (with the head) and Pec himself (along with left-handed players in the area) gave the impression that Vasco would not release the details easily.

When it came to the goal, the main points were the start of Palacios, who got the ball in the middle and, even though he was still out of his best form, managed to speed up; and the intelligence of Pec, who was offside when Figueiredo got the ball, but backed away and adjusted his position before his friend finished off the post and the ball got off his feet.

Gabriel Pec, from Vasco, runs away from a mission against the CSA – Photo: Publication

The goal is the punishment needed to set São Januário on fire. The fans until then seemed frustrated and impatient, but since then they have poured out and led the team to victory. CSA even tried to forget, but Vasco’s immune system behaved well in the race and suffered little. And when needed, Thiago Rodrigues saved the team at least two moves and lived off to a good start to the season.

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning the performance of Yuri Lara, probably Vasco’s best player in the tournament. Tireless, the midfielder looks like on every ball, he is the team captain tackle (four) and, as always, he hears the crowd barking with every ball stolen / intercepted.

The next game, against Bahia, is only on Sunday. The victory, at least, gives the fact that the next few days will remain at Vasco.

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