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Cruzeiro knew there should be an answer from him. In the worst case scenario, after a 2-1 defeat to Remo, the first leg, he wondered what the 2022 team of Raposa would look like in the face of adversity. It was with a repertoire (like penalties) and a smother in a scenario of counter-defense, in the second half, the team took place for the round of 16 Copa ua Brasil.

The repertoire is described. If the model that worked well in the Brazilian Série B was maintained at the start of the game, Cruzeiro saw that he needed some changes to get through the strong defense of Remo, who keep negative scores in the first half. At times, teams from Pará even brought Rafael Cabral goals in danger.

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Cruzeiro should go on strike. Forty-five minutes left to take place or stay, for the third year in a row, on the third stage of the Copa do Brasil. This Cruzeiro group has already proved, at other times, that it is so heavy, that it often does not give up.

Cruzeiro x Remo Copa do Brasil – Photo: Alessandra Torres / AGIF

With the changes, and the addition of Daniel Jr, Canesin, Rodolfo and Rafa Silva, Cruzeiro took the truth against the defense of Independência. For the good of the last days, Remo was limited to heart protection, not even crossing the middle line.

With the modified repertoire, Cruzeiro began to work with the line of attack. Three defenders, Canesin at the exit of the ball and, practically, for the player to make the offensive line that forced Remo to be careful. With this heavy attack, the Pezzolano team overcame the opponent and held it free by trial, in action in Toca.

“Today is the day for Rafael Cabral star shining”, celebrates Fernanda | The Voice of the Hmong

According to some team players, the demand for Edu to go to a smaller area after a head scratch is common. It works out. Rafa Silva, in the first touch of the ball, provided the touch that allowed the goal of the striker.

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Cruzeiro followed the smother, but never second goal. Penalties come. And the demon of last year, when he was removed from Juazeirense in the same condition. And the unbelievers? How will the team behave in the first penalty without Fábio? What can Rafael Cabral do?

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And that is where the repertoire comes in again. Cabral, as reported by his partner Gabriel Mesquita, was studied by most of the Remo explorers. The athlete, after a breakup, said the training was accomplished in some defensive conditions. But that, in the end, comes from intuition. Knowledge makes a difference.

With four penalties saved, the astonished athlete, to a lesser extent, casts a shadow over the statue of Cruzeiro, Fábio, whom he was responsible for replacing. Cabral has dubbed himself the “Best Athlete in Brazil”, as has been done with his boss.

Rafael Cabral celebrates Cruzeiro goal against Remo – Photo: Alessandra Torres / AGIF

With Cabral and the team assembled from Pezzolano, Cruzeiro deserves the ranking of Independência. He reaps the fruits of the work that unites himself and gives the club dreams of a better day.

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