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Atlético-MG wins again in the Brazilian Championship, injecting many souls into every “office”. For the players, a 2-0 win against Atlético-GO was a confirmation of the change that began against Bragantino. For fans, the occurrence of vibration passes from the center to the field.

Now the winner of consecutive points puts his energy at home and still the team starts strong, practicing the same thing that raised the cup for 2021. Diego Costa’s failure is the light past issues. And Mariano changed the time from Guga. Concerned about Keno.

The left winger, who left with pain in his right elbow, was the one who started the game for the first goal. Atlético had some fears at the start of the tournament, but recently took on the role of striker. Turco Mohamed told the team to press the ball out. Matías Zaracho, right-back midfielder, has seen progress, but he is still looking to become the center of attention last year.

Hulk embraces Nacho after Atlético second goal against Atlético-GO – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

Everyone, in fact, can still go to higher levels. Top scorer Hulk, who scored his 16th goal, second Galo in the tournament, had the ballast to improve. Highlight the defensive duo, who is the best in Brazil in 2021, and who has the best night of memories from last year. He practiced without making mistakes.

In the middle, Jair is another. With more passion, more passion, he can almost achieve the beautiful goal in the area that is his secret power. To top it off, Nacho and Allan wrote. They are the engines, in the offensive and defensive stages, respectively.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The greatest advertisement of the game for the price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

Atletico’s second goal came shortly after the Hulk had a good chance and, with Nacho free, he raised the ball and ran out of angle. The crowd stood, cheered, sang, and soon after, shirt 7 scored the goal of Nacho’s assist, while Galo fought the Dragon in defense and had the numbers. best to return package.

In the final stage, there is a delay before the second goal. Coach Mohamed himself warned of this. Atlético tried to bite more and more, and moved to the line, starting to take center stage between midfielders and defenders, with the Goianiense team leaning on both sides. Dangerous situation. But that practice did not hurt Everson.

“Everything is always in Independência”, says Carol | The Voice of the Hmong

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Turco is creating a Atlético team without Keno, which may not come (it will be measured Monday). Eduardo Vargas may be a substitute, but he’s in DM. On Saturday’s game, Nacho and Zaracho went to the sector, then Rubens. Ademir, though left-handed, is a right-hander who has his feet turned into weapons (like Keno himself).

Who will fill in the blanks? On Thursday, Atlético have Del Valle for the Copa Libertadores, and Turco Mohamed will give his answer in a game that could give Galo an early start to the season at 16, before meeting Brasiliense next Sunday, for the stage. third of the Copa do Brasil.

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