Reservation enters the world of NFTs and metaverse

The clothing brand Reserva, designed by Brazilian Rony Meisler, announced its entry into the world of metaverse and NFTs, with its first print run.

Most clothing and apparel brands announced in May 2021 its goals with this digital business, while Rony provided a description of the topic. Established in 2010, Reserva is part of Ar & Co, which includes Arezzo Group and several other brands.

A major player in live streaming, Reserva has sought to understand digital marketing with its customers, leading up to its launch on Wednesday (16).

Aiming Web 3.0

Called the WEB3 test site, Reserva X is the new name for the high-tech products from the famous Brazilian clothing brand. In a letter sent to the livecoinshe explained that the breeding of Reserva X occurred with the first collection by NFT, with images of woodpecker symbols of the species in artsy versions.

The virtual-Art toy has been called Pistol Bird, or “summoned woodpecker” in translation. Reserva has reported that it has been learning about blockchain technology and related developments associated with it for more than a year.

Thus, knowledge of NFTs application, including in other countries, has been favored. Reserva understands that the value of the market is in the blockchain and it can be innumerable.

For Pedro Cardoso, Managing Director of Digital Marketing, NFTs are not just images for thought in the Reserve perspective, but as a way to strengthen customer relationships.

“For our first NFT Tee, we strengthened community engagement and opened the Discord channel ahead with the goal of understanding and engaging with this audience, creating activities that lead to We understand NFT not only as a financial heritage for digital professionals, but as a new form of social media and networking. good with fans of the brand, with our customers of all kinds “.

How does writing work?

The Reserve has announced its collection of NFTs with 12 arts divided into three categories, each of which is unique and rare. In addition, these novelties will come in stages, making them put into two places.

In the first Drop 1 of Reserve X, there will be 6 arts with 81 NFTs each, which gives a total of 486 tokens, with five gains. In Release 2 the cost of NFTs, including benefits, will be higher.

In addition to having an NFT mission, customers will benefit from training with CEO Rony Meisler, access to events and other special features. The Reserve has announced that part of the sale will go to the NGO Banco de Alimentos, which fights hunger and food waste, feeding food to healthy people.

LUB Reservation X be supported by start-ups focusing on previous experiences in the metaverse to place its collection material.

In February, Rony took to his Twitter account to announce digital advertising campaigns, saying he intended to “transform Brazilian fashion and retail forever”.

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