Research shows that the NFT market will be worth $ 67 billion by 2027

Analysts and analysts have predicted a bright future for the NFT industry in the light of new realities.

According to recent MarketsandMarket research, the NFT industry is gearing up for one 35% increase by 2027. Industry leaders expect NFTs to be the metaverse will make money in the next few years.

If the estimate is correct, this means that the current market of US $ 3 billion will reach around US $ 13.6 billion by the end of 2027, R $ 67 billion in value. now. Information available according to Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 35.0% – as long as investor interest continues to grow.

According to research, the energy behind the boom The world of NFT over the next five years will continue to be a major influencers, gaming community, and the growing demand for digital art.

In addition, the expansion of NFT applications in the management of products, retail and fashion, as well as efforts by industry brands to make a difference in reality, will make NFT vendors more profitable for themselves.

With this, both buyers and sellers can benefit in many ways.

While companies like OpenSea now control the market, exchanges like Coinbase and Binance start comparing services for exchanging NFTs on open markets.

The NFT industry – platforms that allow traders to buy and sell art and other materials – are now designed to facilitate the expansion of space.

Market experts have high expectations NFTs will be the revenue model for this yearespecially with blockchain technologies working accelerators for the development of the virtual world.

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