Renato Augusto decides and Cantillo avoado; see the writings of Corinthians

Playing away from home on Sunday night (8), Corinthians beat RB Bragantino, 1-0, for the fifth time in 2022 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. The only goal of the match was scored by Renato Augusto, in the second half. . With the result, Timão reached 12 points and is still in the culture of competition.

At Corinthians Live, announced by UOL Esporte After the game of Timão, journalists Vitor Guedes and Ricardo Perrone examined the personal performance of players commissioned by Vítor Pereira in Bragança Paulista. (See text below)


Vitor Guedes: It is necessary when needed – 7.5

Ricardo Perrone: There’s a small request, but it’s significant benefits – 7

Rafael Ramos

Vitor Guedes: He was very shy in support. I do not think there is a competition in defense, but there is no football and place in defense – 4

Ricardo Perrone: Apart from the plane, he is a guard dog in defense. In hindsight, it’s a little monster – 6


Vitor Guedes: No measures

Ricardo Perrone: Unrated

Raul Gustavo

Vitor Guedes: It proves true and safe – 6.5

Ricardo Perrone: It has been stable and confirmed today. Pass the point in a few games – 7


Vitor Guedes: He did well. He is far from his best level, but he is effective, especially in big games – 6.5

Ricardo Perrone: I Love It – 7

Bruno Melo

Vitor Guedes: He was a very intelligent man and always played for the Corinthians. not promised – 5

Ricardo Perrone: He was very defensive and he did not send rapadura. Has not had a side performance – 5.5

Du Queiroz

Vitor Guedes: He excelled in drawing and providing assistance. He manages to play with Cantillo on his side – 7.5

Ricardo Perrone: Every day I see a lot of change in it. She scored well, helped and supported – 8


Vitor Guedes: It has nothing to do with Corinthians. Living in a different world – 3

Ricardo Perrone: Play in his wonderful world. Inattentive and memory passes. It does not fit the profile of what VP wants for the group – 4


Vitor Guedes: He came in and helped Du Queiroz – 6

Ricardo Perrone: Note 5 – 5

Renato Augusto

Vitor Guedes: Score a goal that decides to win a tough race – 8

Ricardo Perrone: I have not done his grade, but Renato Augusto is a model when he has time to deliver. order – 8

Gustavo Mosquito

Vitor Guedes: No measures

Ricardo Perrone: Unrated

Gustavo Mantuan

Vitor Guedes: Sorry, it creates almost nothing – 5

Ricardo Perrone: Not so wise. Must participate heavily in the game – 5

Junior Moraes

Vitor Guedes: I forgot one of his games as a striker – 4

Ricardo Perrone: Note 5 – 5


Vitor Guedes: His less talent is more. He gives himself up as if he were an employee – 7.5

Ricardo Perrone: Another great game from it. It’s needed to help with the characters, but it does a good job. First, he does what he knows to do. He has no partner for him to score and follow his voice – 8.5

Roger Guedes

Vitor Guedes: Once again, he broke apart and made a comeback. miss a few ways to complete. If you want to play ball, you can – 4

Ricardo Perrone: It does not act for a reason. Minimal – 4.5

john won

Vitor Guedes: He went in and participated less than anyone else in defense – 6

Ricardo Perrone: Holding the standard of defense during the race – 6

Victor Pereira

Vitor Guedes: I like the change and the way the Corinthians fought for what happened. Its changes avoid fashion ties, better defensive team – 7.5

Ricardo Perrone: With the start lineup, he managed not to interrupt Bragantino. He did his homework well to study the enemy. I do not understand why Cantillo was put in, I understand the change, but I think the Corinthians went back to the end – 6

The next edition of Live do Corinthians will be on Wednesday (11), after the match against Portuguesa-RJ, for the Copa do Brasil. You can follow on Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Corinthians page at UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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