Ravenholm: Watch an hour of gameplay from Arkane Studios’ Abandoned Half-Life

Documentary presents an un-seen-before-seen image of a turn-off based on Valve Edge

Before launching the Dishonored series, Arkane Studios even worked with Valve on a game development in the Half-Life universe called Ravenholm. Challenge players to meet more zombies, the name was removed while it was still in the model stage and since then it has only been mentioned briefly in the documentary recorded by channel NoClip.

Two years after the documentary about the Arkane story was released on YouTube, NoClip Takes Amazes Fans of FPS Series This Wednesday (4). With more than an hour long, new channel videos unfoldDetails about Ravenholm gameplayIncludes many events and gameplay details that have been prepared for the game.

Although many of the presentations have been repeated by Half-Life 2 (we are talking about the model after all), The recording gives an idea of ​​the specific behavior of the project. In addition to the massive enemies, the title developed by Arkane Studios will lead to a focus on more competitive, many of them including power consumption.

Ravenholm is not Half-Life 2: Episode 3

The game’s gameplay snippets are punctuated by words by Danny O’Dwyer, responsible for the creation of NoClip, which contextualizes the game’s production process. It is clear that although it was developed after the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, the suspended game can not be considered as its direct sequel.

At the time, Valve was working on a variety of possibilities for the series, including the second chapter along with other cast. That would be the case of Ravenholm, that Gordon Freeman will not be the main characterbut will recount some of the events he went through during his adventure.

– Continued after announcement –

Redfall is an Xbox special vampire hunter game developed by Arkane

Redfall is an Xbox special vampire hunter game developed by Arkane
The game will bring co-sponsorship of up to four players and arrive in 2022

In addition to Arkane Studios, Steam owner also worked with Warren Spector’s Junction Point studio, in another episode of the series which also ends up being canceled. This has become a positive attitude for Valve to this day, as reported by recent data The case of the Portal and the Half-Life Alyx sequel has been discovered which has been discarded by studio.


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