R $ 60 million? Mazzuco explains the concept of hiring and says: ‘Botafogo investment will not reach ⅓ at that amount’

In the first week of John Textor director, the Botafogo Go into the market with force, sign 12 players and use the ring BRL 60 lab. But is that all? In an interview with the podcast “GE Botafogo”, André Mazzuco, the director of football at the club, explained that this is not the case.

– We see reports that Botafogo invests R $ 60 million. We have a good business. If you take the full cost of the work, it may be this price, but what Botafogo investments will not reach a third of that cost. In some industries it moves you up to decapitalizing the starting price and the balance you pay throughout the process – explains Mazzuco.

To illustrate the reason, the president referred to the case of Patrick de Paula, the most expensive contract in Botafogo history – around R $ 33 million. The idea is to make it more accessible to the athlete and discuss it in the medium term – this way, Glorioso will not have to pay extra and can transfer part of the transition to Palmeiras.

– Patrick is a good product, with a high price tag, but the job is to improve him in the club, he is a boy who has a guardian from all over the club. world, suddenly make a claim for the next season or something before even that. pay it. This happens to the majority of athletes. We do not pay all of that money. The idea is to value the athletes in the beginning, take advantage of the athletes technically, you will benefit in the work and at the same time you do not have to pay for all that – Mazazco extension, more:

I guarantee you that we can not use up to one third of the speculated price. In three years it can reach that, but until then we have moved on.

Top 3 Payments?

In one of his interviews, John Textor revealed that Botafogo’s goal is, in the future, to have one of the three biggest salaries in Brazilian football. According to Mazzuco, it does not take that much to complete.

– The purpose of the club and John is not about finances. We talk about finances because the teams that will get it are the biggest investments. I assure you that we are still far away, and that means we still have ballast to go through. It does not mean that we have to be in the Top 3. Bragantino has a high profile, he is not in the Top 3, but he is a good team, with a long-term coach, an athlete profile, they have already managed to create an identity. Our strategy is also to have our own identity – support Mazzuco.


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