Puppetry that criticizes corruption and cheating happily

Silvio de Abreu wrote in 1986 his greatest novel and additionally one of many funniest, “Cambalacho”, which in over 170 chapters has led us to ridiculous criticism of the act. Corruption and deception are rampant all through the nation.

Showing at 7pm, “Cambalacho” was top-of-the-line viewers on Globo TV on the time, starring Daniel Filho and directed by Jorge Fernando and Del Rangel, who set the right rhythm for the comedy. Managed issues. .

The plot of the telenovela introduced two scammers, Leonarda to Naná (lovely work by Fernanda Montenegro) and her colleague Jerônimo, o Jejê (nice work by Gianfrancesco Guarnieri), a relentless companion in tips able to supporting them. They are like the youngsters they collected on the streets and Naná’s daughter Daniela (Louise Cardoso in good occasions) dwelling in Switzerland.

The story of many villains, too, the best of all of them, Andréia (Natália do Valle in an excellent work), an bold and immoral girl who married the billionaire Antero Souza e Silva ( Mario Lago) dreaming of turning into very wealthy with the dying of her husband. And there was additionally the lawyer Rogério (Cláudio Marzo) who joined Andréia to mistreat anybody who inherited this.

The romantic couple in “Cambalacho” is in Antero’s authorized son, the Thiago dancer (Edson Celulari’s good time) who joins Ana Machadão (a masterpiece by Débora Bloch), daughter of Gegê Which is a ineffective younger girl and a person who works as a mechanic.

Two veteran actors and comedians in “Cambalacho” Veteran Consuelo Leandro pretty much as good as Lili Bolero, pissed off singer who hates elangela Maria’s success and newcomer Regina Casé is as priceless as Tina Pepper aspires to be Singer. Famous as Tina Turner.

With respect to the traditional work “The Three Musketeers” Silvio de Abreu created the brothers Aramis (Paulo César Grande), Porthos (Maurício Mattar) and Athos (Flávio Galvão).

According to Silvio de Abreu, the opera “speaks of an absence of disgrace in Brazil. The nation is so corrupt that folks really feel they’ve the correct to be corrupt.” In the humorous sound in any case hours is 7 p.m.

The opera was staged fully within the capital of S ប៉ូo Paulo, a relentless within the writer’s story, and Silvio de Abreu himself appeared, particularly within the final chapter, because the priest who carried out the marriage of Nana and Gue.

“Cambalacho” was additionally a hit abroad gross sales and was featured in 15 international locations, together with Angola, Italy, Puerto Rico, Portugal and Venezuela.

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