Public Ministry of SP supports metaverse classes with NFTs

The Department of Public Works of São Paulo (MP-SP) is supporting the study of metaverse information and NFTs. MPs servers from all over Brazil will be able to register for the event.

In recent days, for example, MP from Minas Gerais has sponsored the 6th edition of the National Conference on Technology and Innovation of Public Prosecutors (Enastic-MP), which points to the metaverse and NFTs explained, in addition to cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Bragança Paulista City Council has also developed a class of topics, which will be held on March 3rd.

With these being the hottest topics in innovation, it is clear that Brazilian civil society organizations are preparing to take advantage of these investments.

The Public Ministry of São Paulo supports metaverse education with NFTs

São Paulo MP has announced the calendar of new classes to be available in March 2022, of information available to several people in Brazil: metaverse and NFTs.

This combination of technologies, which even interact with cryptocurrencies, has become the goal of the so-called event. “What is a Metaverse? – Web 3.0 New Aesthetic (R) evolution – Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain and Immersive Realities“.

Part of the video on the metaverse, the presentation will be March 22, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., on the Microsoft Teams platform. As a result of the decision to hold the event, the MP from São Paulo questioned the impact of these changes on people’s lives.

Integrity: What is the impact of Web 3.0 on the lives of individuals, organizations, companies, governments and nations? New writings or translations of art from the beginning of the last century in Paris? Why is South Korea investing $ 3 billion to put all of its city and public services on the Metaverse? The Ape Yacht Club and millions of used by international celebrities for digital art created in 2020“.

Gil Giardelli, publisher of the program “O Imponderável” of RecordNews and expert in digital marketing, was invited to present the event. Prior to it, MPSP attorneys will speak at the opening of the event, overseen by Zenon Lotufo Tertius, by ESMP.

How to participate in this event?

In live format, this free event is only available on the servers of the Public Ministry of São Paulo and Brazil. For this, they must register as outlined in the class presentation, on the MP website and with the school e-mail.

Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of this training. It is worth noting that Public Prosecutors have been keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency business and studying everything related to this information to assist them in illegal investigations.

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