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Arana in a match between Red Bull Bragantino and Atl
Photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

Arana in the match between Red Bull Bragantino and Atltico, valid for the 2022 Brazilian Championship

Representative of the Atlantic Alterosa Sports, Fael Lima scores a guard’s performance in Galo’s draw against RB Bragantino by 1-1, in the 7th round of the Brazilian Championship. On this Thursday program (12), the advocate disagreed with the removal of the convict to the consent of the alvinegra group and the removal of the defender Lo Ortiz, from Massa Bruta.

“I do not need to say more about that. It is true that the Bragantino athlete has created a new sport. It is not offside. And that he (Lo Ortiz) used his arm to take the ball. Lo Ortiz was expelled, which did not happen. Congratulations to the VAR (Rodrigo Nunes de S), who was a good judge, but, Brulio da Silva Machado, I did not enter. see why Serie A referee “, criticized Fael Lima.

The match that Fael Lima was talking about happened in the 18th minute of the first half. After the corner of Atltico, the white-back right-back Guga shot into the area, but before the ball reached the goal, left-back Guilherme Arana, from Galo, interrupted. hit and complete the game.

After a defensive effort by Cleiton, from RB Bragantino, Arana kicked again and defender Lo Ortiz, from the São Paulo team, took the crossbar with his arm. Judge Brulio da Silva Machado not only struck down the sentence, but sent Lo Ortiz away.

However, after a call to the VAR, the judge dismissed the match and claimed that Arana was offside when Guga kicked out of the area. What has raised questions from Atlético fans and Fael Lima that Bragantino right-back, Hurtado, slightly deflects the ball, which can be set up as an update, proves the movement go back and forth.

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