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The director of the investigation, Representative Katia Domingues Salvatori, presented in a statement a brief summary of the investigation, without mentioning Robson Bambu. This means that the defendant is not named as a result of the crime, which does not prevent the case from being prosecuted.

A sexual harassment report was filed by a 25-year-old woman on Feb. 3. Since then, police have written messages from her and a friend who accompanied her that night. sky of the situation, along with Robson Bambu and Wellington, friends who played with the player and called Pezinho. Witnesses also heard, toxicological and forensic medical tests were performed and received evidence, such as pictures of the hotel security circuit.

Robson Bambu, defender of the Corinthians, is accused of sexual harassment by a 25-year-old woman – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag Corinthians

In a testimony to police, Robson Bambu and the plaintiff revealed some differences between the incidents. The player denied the sexual assault and said he did not touch the woman or take off his clothes, as he alleged.

The two accounts are convergent as happened in the first period.

Bambu and Pezinho spent the night at a nightclub in the Tatuapé area, east of São Paulo, with the host and friends. Then, everyone went to a hotel in the area, where the defendant was staying while he was looking for a house in the city of São Paulo – he recently returned to Brazil. after defending Nice, by France.

The defender announced that he arrived at the club at 1am and he was at a special table, at the stage of construction. Bambu said he paid for the people sitting there and drank vodka, liquor, alcohol and beverages, but denied that he, his friend and the women were drunk.

In her words, the girl said she thought she had been drugged. However, toxicological studies are not good for alcohol and other drugs undergoing modern research, but good for THC, the psychoactive drug contained in marijuana.

Four people left at night at 6:30 p.m. The player went to his room with the girl’s friend, who turned to another room with Pezinho.

In the first statement, the woman stated that she had an agreement with Pezinho. However, he later changed his address to the police, claiming he had forgotten during the sex and, therefore, his permission was no longer valid.

Just before 11 a.m., Bambu went to the room where his friend and wife denied him. It is at this time, according to the girl, the player will be raped. She said she stood with the naked guard on the bed, putting her hands on her vagina. According to his version, Pezinho is on the side, looking to the right.

Bambu told police he had to go with Pezinho to sign the lease and, therefore, tried to call him twice, at 10:38 a.m. and 10:44 a.m., but he did not respond. .

So, the defender would have to decide to go to his friend’s room, where he spent about ten minutes. He warned that, entering the area, he found the girl lying in bed and seemed to be asleep, while she was moving.

In her testimony, Bambu said that when she found out it was 11 a.m., the girl became frustrated and began to complain that she would lose R $ 300 from a job she was hired for that day. Also as an athlete, this promise was already indicated by the woman listed earlier, on the way from night to hotel.

The player told the police that there was no altercation between them in the room. This only happened two minutes later, when both went to the suite where Bamboo was staying and in which the girl friend was still asleep.

Before leaving the hotel, the expert also spoke briefly with Pezinho. Bambu’s friend accused him of trying to help the woman because of unemployment and he would answer:

“If you give me money, send me some good money.

What the defense of Robson Bambu says

“Although we cannot access the details of the final report, it is important to point out that there is no prosecution of Robson Bambu. defendants have been exposed. Responsibility for criminal prosecution. “

What did Pezinho defend?

“It is important to point out that Wellington has not been prosecuted. With this information describes the inconsistency of the complainant’s description.We rely on the strict and silent investigation of the police responsible for criminal prosecution. and, as soon as the investigation is complete, we will seek liability for damages to Wellington’s reputation. “

What did the plaintiff say?

“The victim’s defense believes that the evidence recorded in the investigation is sufficient to prove the criminal procedure, but that new evidence should emerge in in the introduction of the teaching process. “

February, during the ua ge Expressing the grievance, Corinthians said in a statement that “it will not comment on the matter until all facts have been clarified by the evidence.” The club reiterated that it “does not condone any violence.”

The alvinegra board also fined Bambu for late two training sessions.

Hired in January, the defender played two matches for Timão.

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