PlayHard, SNACKCLUB will distribute BRL 30,000 for Free Electricity

SNACKCLUB, a Web 3.0 startup recently launched by the founders of LOUD – Bruno “PlayHard” Bittencourt and Jean Ortega – has made its first step into the “play-to-get” universe, which is when players get earn financial rewards for sports. Thus, the company has announced the White Electric event called Sala Premiada, which will run until May 12th.

Sala Premiada participants will be able to earn money by completing some goals in the Garena battle royale. There will be a total of R $ 30 thousand in prizes, divided into three different categories. Check out the classification below:

  • BRL 100 for the player who is in the top 10 with the most Booyahs (wins);
  • R $ 50 for the 10 people who participate the most in the room benefit;
  • BRL 50 reais for the lucky 10 who have played at least one match to date.

To participate in the event, players must log in to the SNACKCLUB Discord server and click on the “# get-in-the-queue” dialog. By doing this, you will be participating in the event.

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“Free Power is one of the most popular games in Brazil and, although it is not part of the blockchain gaming edge, we have decided to create a rewarding experience that everyone can participate in. and live by financial knowledge while playing “, said. PlayHard.

In addition, SNACKCLUB affiliates have already had their first name confirmed. This is the streamer Marco Veio, one of the pioneers in the “play-to-earn” concept in Brazil. The partnership, as a start-up, is another step towards the expansion of business models and the integration of different products of the business with Generation Z.

“Very excited to be a part of SNACKCLUB. When I was hired by Bruno PH and Jean I was amazed with the LOUD migration to this store. Obviously, I did not think twice and got time, mostly because I know everything they have done in more and more games. My community is not yet big, but I know that now with SNACKCLUB the plans will be measured very quickly and little we are expanding the borders that still cover the crypto and ‘play-to-get’ markets, Marco said.

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