Perrone: 5 reasons why Corinthians fans believe he can win the Brazilian – 05/09/2022

There are currently only five sites in Brasileirão. The race is just beginning, so it is too early to say who will be the leader, in this case the Corinthians, who are the favorites to win.

However, there are reasons for Fiel to believe he can see his team recover from the Olympics at the end of the year, in the opinion of this writer. See below.

1 – The best preference

Here the problem is math. Alvinegro has already opened seven points over Flamengo and six over Palmeiras, two favorites to the title.

There is a lot of competition ahead, but Mengão and Verdão need to improve their performance in the race quickly, there is a risk of seeing the distance from the leader to get out of control respect, if the Corinthians governed the work regularly. And that does not lose focus on Libertadores.

The same goes for Atlético-MG, another favorite and that now there is a difference to the discomfort in the first place, of the four points.

2- Vitor Pereira

With each match, the coach reveals that he has more knowledge of the team and how he can be used effectively by every athlete.

The team understands what the teacher needs to change.

If there is already a reasonable understanding of the instructor and the team playing, the expectation is that the chemistry will be at a high level in the final stages of the competition.

3 – Easy

The Portuguese abandoned the idea he had expressed when he arrived that the team would always be bad.

In a 1-0 win over Red Bull Bragantino on Saturday (8), Corinthians used the end of a separate defensive tackle to take advantage of a one-on-one offense.

This suggests that the coach understands the need to put some ideas into competitive research until the team is able to accomplish everything he or she thinks is ideal.

4 – Mixed groups

Historically, in Brasileirão, the groups with the smallest differences in conservation and holding forces fought for the title.

In some cases, the distance between the Alvinegro holders and the savings is large.

But the VP managed to send the rival teams to the area, even saving players for the Libertadores.

It would have been a huge change if we recall the unbelief of Corinthians in his only defeat in Brasileirão so far: 3-0 to Palmeiras.

5 – People make decisions

In a tough match like Brazilian, anyone with a football decision will take advantage. Men who decide in an equal game.

Corinthians has some players with this profile. The main ones are Willian, Renato Augusto and Cássio.

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