Thy City Hall Is an institutional supporter of the fourth edition of May #EuLeioPelotasLiterary events published by Collective Author of Pelotas (CAP) Seeking promotion Products Local literature. This program starts at 7 pm this Friday (27) at Utopia Casa BarGeneral Sory Literature With presentations by writers, great reading and a place for the public to read their articles or their favorite authors.

For those who arrive before 7:30 pm, a glass of sangria will be offered with permission from Festim. There will be a special performance by actor Roberta Pires and musician Endrigo Pereira will act as actors related to the text read. That night, the house will have a special dish, Sorrentinos (vegetarian pasta). Table reservations and dinner orders can be made by phone / whatsapp (53) 99169.1364 (Utopia).

On Saturday (28) there will be a lot of activities in the Secretariat of Culture (Religion) Casa 2 in Praça Coronel Pedro Osório. At 2 pm in Bistrô da Secult (entrance from Rua Lobo da Costa) the first meeting of letters and colors takes place, promoted by the Jovens Autores Pelotenses (JAP), a panel discussion with artists from the city who will speak. About their experiences and inspirations. The meeting will be chaired by author Luis Kurz, founder of JAP. In addition, authors from Coletivo Autores de Pelotas, Gabriel Duarte (digital art), Sandro Andrade (artist) and Luisa Nunes (artist) have been confirmed.

Also at 6pm Saturday in Bistrô, author Joice Lima offers a free self-publishing workshop where she will provide step-by-step instructions on how to publish her book (she has 5 books). Printed by her) with few resources, regardless of quality. Space is limited and registration must be done by email at – Subject: Self-promotion workshop in full body text and mobile for communication.

At 7:00 pm in the Inah Costa room from Secult there is a Collective Autograph Session by nine CAP authors with several launches and book sales at promotional prices. The event will feature live concerts with violinist Ricardo Ferreira in a popular presentation, reading and a small reception for the reading public.

On Sunday afternoon (29) if it does not rain (team will assess Sunday morning) the event will end with a Literary Picnic at the Parque da Baronesa at 3pm (near the museum). The group invited the Pelotas community to bring beach chairs or blankets to the floor and books to read and exchange. Biri drinks and Zezé Biscoitos packages will be distributed to attendees – courtesy of fans. There will be an exchange box – anyone can exchange books and the public will be able to participate by reading articles written by them or their favorite authors.

Warm up

Throughout the week, videos have been posted on Eu Leio Pelotas’ social media (Facebook and Instagram) with readings of poems and excerpts from books by CAP member CAPsulas Literárias. Since May 17, a book a day by members of the group has also been created for drawing. The results of the ten draws will be announced this Friday on the team’s social network, and a copy will be distributed at the Collective Autograph Session on Saturday night at Secult (if anyone can not pick it up that day it Will be distributed later., Combined).


The event also includes the Itinerant Fair # EuLeioPelotasporAí with over 40 titles of various categories, which will be on sale Saturday at Mercado das Pulgas (Central Market) and Sunday from 2pm. Parque da Baronesa (the Picnic will be placed next to the exhibition). In case of rain, the exhibition will be suspended and held at another time.


Coletivo Autores de Pelotas was established in February 2019 and over the past three years has carried out more than 25 literary activities at various locations. Within two years of the epidemic, virtual activities were performed. The face-to-face event continued in November 2021. This is the second edition in a face-to-face format.

This year, the event is sponsored by Irgovel – Indústria Riograndense de Óleos Vegetais, institutional support from Pelotas and support from Expresso Embaixador, Utopia Casa Bar, Café 35, Del Pátio Pizzas and Pestos, Biri Soft Drinks and Jesbisco. White.

The author from Pelotas holds a collective autograph session. Photo: Presentation

List of books to be signed at the collective session

On Saturday (5/28) in the Inah Costa Room (Scult, Praça Cel Pedro Osório, 2):

Author and work

– Beatriz Mecking – “Short Story” and “Julia’s Feet”

– Carmen Jara – “Still Singing Nightingale”

– Charlie Rayné – “The Bedroom – Tales, Poems and Chronology”

– Helena Manjourany – “The Mists of Pelotas” (Beginning)

– Joice Lima – “Amor sicko de Mãe” (Restart – Pre-sale delivery)

– Luis Kurz – “Adsumus – From The Deep To The Light” (Release)

– Marta Bottini – “Word Reliquary” (Launch)

– Ronaldo Campello – “Blindfolded” (previous release)

– Tânia Porto – “Poesi @ as sem full stop” (launch).

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