Pedro Scooby advertises NFT for an unbelievable, but incredible value

Want to relax with Pedro Scooby: Do you want more followers?, in the paradise off the coast of Brazil, for five days? Then pay R $ 90 thousand. This is the value of one of NFT or “non fungible tokens” released by the surfer and former BBB this Friday (29).

Pedro Scooby at BBB.  (Broadcast / TV Globo)
Video by Pedro Scooby (Broadcast / TV Globo)

Scooby has released 30,000 NFTs for sale which are profitable; at the most expensive, the buyer will be entitled to a five-day tour with the surfer. The news was first reported by the O Globo newspaper, which also reported that the cheapest, on the other hand, was available in 124 matic (approximately R $ 720).

The former BBB offered 30,000 NFTs for sale through a specialized website in digitally authenticated certificates. Each of these NFTs offers different benefits to customers.

The most expensive, worth 15,500 matic (or around 90 thousand reais, converted into cryptocurrency), allows you to go on this tour with Scooby – with the ability to meet other people Famous for lunch, dinner and parties, in addition to special gifts with signature surfer. . There are 20 treasures of this type.


Other NFTs provide benefits such as regular interviews with Pedro Scooby. The Sailor put up for sale 730 pieces, with an average price of 7,200 reais, which gives the right to a special party between Scooby and the buyers.

Another 2,250 NFTs, sold for R $ 3,600, were converted into live meetings with Pedro Scooby for at least 1 hour, once a month for six months (with up to 1,000 participants at a time), which Scooby will answer questions and interact with the audience. online.

Celebrity NFTs

NFTs are blockchain assets that are unique thanks to their analytics data recorded in smart contracts. Developers can tokenize everything – from music and graphics to movies or graphics using NFTs.

Celebrities are creating their own NFT pieces; Snoop Dogg, for example, has its own scripts on OpenSea. Paris Hilton has teamed up with Superplastic to edit the album “Life in the Past, A New Beginning”.

Canadian singer Grimes sold $ 6 million worth of art pieces because of one of the first cash games in the NFT game. His WarNymph collection of 10 artworks has made Grimes one of the best NFT vendors in the world, complete with enough hype and demand for his work.

Even Eminem jumped on the bandwagon when he released his “SHADYCON” collection on the Nifty Gateway, selling a total of $ 1.8 million for digital imaging and gadgets.

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