PEDRO DURAES – More and more children with myopia: the sad reality of the 21st century

About 25% of voters dislike Lula or Bolsonaro winning the October 2 election. While some polls suggest this position, others even point to 43% rejection for Lula and 59% for Bolsonaro. This data alone indicates the possibility of a third method name. But this is not what is seen in the rate of Ciro Gomes (PDT-CE) between 6% and 9%, Vice President André Janones (Avante-MG) Senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) between 1% and 3% and the remaining previous candidates.

Accounts are also not closed in the area of ​​political markets. Lula blamed Bolsonaro for saying “pencils” were enough to frame Petrobras and, as a result, ordered lower fuel prices. It shows that the president “lacks courage.” Well, it means that both are equal in the protection of intermediaries, the use of pens to determine the value policy of state-owned companies. Populism.

More importantly, the two main characters only say things that appeal to their traditional base. Bolsonaro enters PT’s personal field, calling him the “Nine Fingers”, a reference to the loss of a former metallurgist’s finger when he worked on the factory floor at S ប៉ូo Polo’s ABC.

Dissatisfied with the personal attack on his opponent, he fired an electronic voting machine, showed election fraud, and insulted STF, warning that he would not follow the court’s decision, attacking the decision on time. In erecting border posts on indigenous lands. “A new interpretation they want to give to the article of the Constitution. And who wants to give? Minister Fachin, a Leninist Marxist. MST Attorney. What do I do if there is consent? “I give the key to the minister of the Supreme Court or I say I will not follow.”

Lula defends the regulation of the media by going into other thematic sections that frighten certain sections of society, such as the abolition (that is, right, not just a review) of labor reform and breaking the cost ceiling. . It’s about the rebirth of old programs from the Lula era in the middle of power. Money to expand public access to credit and restore union debt.

Both of their speeches tend to suppress or undermine the consent of the electorate, who assumes that they are making monkey ears (inaudible, inaudible) to market consultants. Or do they not use quality research to guide their candidates? Or are they afraid of receiving rude responses from the interlocutor?

The fact is that political marketers are not delivering effective messages in these times of brutal divisions and brutal speeches. They say they will be obsolete in the face of the emergence of new pillars for disseminating ideas such as social media, which the son of President Carlos Bolsonaro proves to be an expert.

On the other hand, researchers should reach a good conclusion about the methods used, along with a good explanation of the meaning of the high rate of rejection, which opens up great questions in society.

Regarding personal attacks, I cite the famous case of Aluízio Alves in Rio Grande do Norte, who in the early 1960s launched one of the strongest political marketing campaigns in the country, which is considered one of the causes of Action.

Aluízio, the mayoral candidate, was accused by his opponents of running the state day and night, leading crowds on the streets, riding donkeys that fit the word “gypsy” he was supposed to be. He reads children’s hands, “guessing” about their future. It shook the masses. The rally was on fire. Dinale Mariz, the governor of Djalma Marinho’s candidate, scoffed: “People who are participating in this demonstration are people.“Aluízio adopted the word:”My dear little people. Won the election.

About populism, I remember Machiavelli telling the story of a rich Roman who fed the poor during a famine. For this act, he was executed by his compatriots on the grounds that he intended to turn his followers into tycoons.

As for speaking, if the candidate does not come up with a good idea, use the speaking technique to be more effective. I tell the story: At one point, the mayor of Pernambuco, Moura Cavalcanti, had to immediately choose a name to replace his deceased mayoral candidate. He ran to the city and asked:Who is the most popular in the city? They replied: “Joker” Choose a topic. On the podium he shouted: “The mayor does not need to speak. It must act.”

The crowd moved to applaud the shocked speaker, who was gesturing with a V for victory. Not to mention A he won. It is the value of improvised democracy.

Gaudêncio Torquato is a journalist, author, professor at USP and political advisor. [email protected]

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