Pec scores, Vasco wins CSA in São Januário and touches G4 of Series B.

If it is “responsibility” to win at home, the Vasco he did not do well, but at least he made it to the squad and won the CSA 1-0 this Saturday, in São Januário, for the sixth time in the Série B of the Brazilian Championship. Gabriel Pec’s goal in the second round saved what would have been another poor performance by coach Zé Ricardo’s team in the tournament. Managed by the tribes, Cruz-Maltino dreams of a G4 again.

Vasco x CSA

Pec celebrates with Zé Ricardo after deciding to duel for Vasco (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO / CRVG)

With the result, Vasco reached the fifth place, with 10 points. Visitors, on the other hand, are in 15th place, including, and continue without a score of the building. In the next round, Cruz-Maltino will face Bahia, a G4 contender. The duel will take place on Sunday, at 4 pm, in São Januário. CSA has a friendly against América-MG in the Copa do Brasil on Tuesday at 19:00. It was 3-0 for the miners.

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The tournament started out at least with two teams trying to pick up the ball. Crowds have been expressing frustration with the judge since the opening hours due to a breach of the CSA, but they have had a pretty good time in the office. At the venue, Vasco reported on the old difficulties in setting up a show. Technically forbidden, team offense when it comes to the end. The most dangerous moment was Nene free kick saved by the athlete.


If the attack is weak and less dangerous, the defense has given an impression that Vasco fans like not to think about. With a few errors in the field, Cruz-Maltino almost gave CSA two great options, both with Lucas Barcelos. Thiago Rodrigues is fearless and safe. Visitors barely made an effort, but they stepped up with a tranquility. The boos from the stands and the curse on Zé Ricardo set the tone for the first 45 minutes.


The second half continued to hurt Vasco in many ways, even though CSA abandoned the game only to try to hold on to the ropes or find the back of the net. In the first place, Marco Túlio comes close to the guests. Soon after, Nene was blocked by Lucão in a safe arrival. The situation only begins to change with the changes made by Zé Ricardo, also known as the Donkey when he took Nene off the field.


But the addition of Figueiredo, Juninho and Palacios improved the team. There were minutes of excitement and well-being until, at 28, Gabriel Pec finally hit the net. Giva took him badly from the area and sent it to Figueiredo on foot, who took a risk from the outside area and sent it into the pole. On the return, the next take advantage of the space provided by Werley to push and score for the first time in Series B.


Without much help, CSA struggles a bit. He even had a ball on his foot, but he had trouble making shots. Vasco, on the other hand, held back as best he could. Bruno Nazário was even expelled from the bench for dissent and Yuri Lara, essentially, raised the crowd.


Date and time: 05/07/2022, at 19:00
Local: Sao Januario, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Douglas Marques das Flores (SP)
Supporters: Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (FIFA – SP)
VAR: Rafael Traci (UA)

purpose: Gabriel Pec (28 ‘/ 2nd) (1-0)
Yellow cards: Halls, Andrey Santos, Yuri Lara, Thiago Rodrigues (VAS), Didira (CSA)
Red card: Bruno Nazario (VAS)

VASCO:Thiago Rodrigues; Gabriel Dias, Quintero, Anderson Conceição, Edimar; Yuri, Andrey Santos (Juninho – 14 ‘/ 2ºT), Nene (Palacios – 22’ / 2ºT), Gabriel Pec (Luiz Henrique – 45 ‘/ 2ºT) and Getúlio (Figueiredo – 14’ / 2ºT); Raniel. Coach: Zé Ricardo.

CSA: Marcelo Carne; Igor (Dalberto – 18 ‘/ 2ºT), Werley, Lucão and Diego Renan; Geovane, Giva Santos and Lourenço (Yann Rolim – 21 ‘/ 2ºT); Didira (Gabriel – 18 ‘/ 2ºT), Marco Túlio (Osvaldo – 18’ / 2ºT) and Lucas Barcelos. Technician: Mozart.


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