Paulo Sousa regrets the lack of a way and complains about the anonymity penalty in Gabigol in Ceará vs Flamengo | Brazilian series a

Paulo Sousa left Castelão upset with Flamengo 2-2 draw with Ceará. According to the trainer, the team from Rio was able to resolve the dispute, since it was twice before. The Portuguese regretted not getting in the way and were still fined in Gabigol.

The move by the attacker occurred in the 41st minute of the second half. Flamengo won by 2 to 1 and Gabigol fell into the area after an altercation with Richardson. The judge ordered the game to continue and the VAR did not interfere. According to Central do Apito, Judge Luiz Flávio de Oliveira is wrong.

Luiz Flávio de Oliveira, in Ceará x Flamengo, for Brasileirão 2022 – Photo: Share: Alexandre Vidal / CRF

– I identified many of the game potentials we had in the first half. We can solve the game at the end of the first half. At the start of the second half, we had two shots to make it 3 to 1. With Pablo and Bruno the final pass that could have been better to complete.

– I’m not the one who makes the most impact on refereeing, it just’s the two games to be clear. At Botafogo we can make it 1-0 (Gabigol goal not allowed) and have a different management. And today 3 to 1 in a level of the game to be able to determine the game.

Flamengo only had six points in the Brazilian, after six rounds, in 14 places (may drop in position depending on other results of the tournament). Paulo Sousa is also saddened to be forced to change teams three times this Saturday.

Whistle Center: Sandro Meira Ricci comments on the move that Gabigol is asking for

Whistle Center: Sandro Meira Ricci comments on the move that Gabigol is asking for

– We are forced to change three things we do not want. Bruno Henrique had to leave, David in the half time already had conditions that prevented him from giving it his maximum and Isla herself, who was close to me, told me that she was on in a debilitated conditions – Paulo Sousa, who added:

– We have decided to improve our environment to have more control because we lost. We had a start in the transition, but we lost control of the game. With multiple packs, with more available and able to reach the opponent field. Even to identify time quickly and complete.

The team plays this Tuesday at 9:30 pm, against the Universidad Católica, for the Libertadores, at Maracanã. For Brasileiro, it returns to action on Saturday, at 16:30, against Goiás, at Maracanã.

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See below for other answers from the instructor:

Flamengo the second half

– It is not a one-time (only referral), we can do more if the lawyer allows us because there is a clear penalty. There was the last pass after the ball came out with a quick change with the last pass to Bruno in a very good performance and it was not good for us to finish. We have a ball on the pole where we can determine the game.

At 5 min from the 2nd half - a right completed by Pablo do Flamengo against Ceará

At 5 min from the 2nd half – a right completed by Pablo do Flamengo against Ceará

– And our error change does not allow us to modify the place where we believe it is necessary to continue dominating and creating opportunities. This causes our protesters to push us.

– We also have Arrascaeta physically disabled, with a lot of difficulty to get in the game. And all of this has made our block lower and given the start for our opponent.

– The fan has been through a few moments. As I mentioned in the press conference, he is a very passionate fan of this club. And it will certainly support this challenge in return because it will happen. We deserved it, we worked on it. Unfortunately, time is not wasted, but we will still focus on what we believe. And it is indeed turning around.

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