Paulo Sousa regrets Flamengo’s defeat and sends a message to Jorge Jesus: “May you have peace” | Flamengo

At a news conference following the 1-0 defeat to Botafogo, this Sunday, Paulo Sousa, Flamengo coach, commented on the team performance of Mané Garrincha, saddened by the lack of time. got and sent a message to Jorge Jesus, the former teacher of Fla whose words. affected the club last week.

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Dissatisfied with the behavior of his country, who said he wanted to return to Flamengo training and developed an application until the 20th to receive an application, Paulo Sousa replied to comments below when asking for details:

– About Jorge, he is a teacher I respect. I respect the history of Flamengo, I respect the importance of that history and I respect Jorge in Flamengo in 2019. But we also have to honor Paulo Carpegiani, who won the most important title in the club’s history. , which is Club World. Cup. That is why this is the case – says trainer Fla.

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“I just pray that God bless him and his family. And that he’s generous, healthy, peaceful, especially with himself. And complete , “he added.

Paulo Sousa, Flamengo coach, at the press conference – Photo: Fred Gomes / ge

Regarding Flamengo’s performance, Paulo Sousa often regrets the fact that the team could not change many ways in the design while competing for goals.

– The volume of opportunities has passed, this is the biggest explanation. In the low volume of transitions that our opponent has, he has managed to score a goal. We have a few very clear, very large opportunities. Apart from the first 15 minutes, in which we rushed and had no control of the game, after the 15th minute we were well prepared, we formed in the aisles and at the base. We create opportunities, earn points, and it is not authorized. Most importantly, he explained, We have a very clear few moments to get out here with a win – he said.

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The best time of Flamengo 0 x 1 Botafogo for the 5th round of Brasileirão

The best time of Flamengo 0 x 1 Botafogo for the 5th round of Brasileirão

Paulo Sousa also responded to the number of Flamengo players available in the hospital.

– (Be) Fear, no. I have already told the public that: we have a relationship with the hospital, we have confidence in their work. We try to talk every day, understand what we can do to improve and have players who are always there. If not, we have more problems and instability in the process. Whatever the reason, can not work, as Botafogo has for weeks, ideas, strategies and the ability to combine the participation of some players, too becomes a heavier cause. However, we are confident that we will improve this expansion. The majority of injuries are joint or traumatic injuries. We are trying to understand that we can reduce muscle injury – he said.

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View full conference news:

Visit Paulo Sousa press conference after Flamengo defeat to Botafogo

Visit Paulo Sousa press conference after Flamengo defeat to Botafogo

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About victory and doubt

– I think it is a very distorted question. I think we got better, we scored a lot of goals. In Libertadores we got a lot of points, we had to improve our ability in defense training, right. Recovery from some players will provide better defensive ability. This is a very sensitive year, with cracks and redesign processes. We need to give them a relationship and trust.

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Vulnerability Protection

– As I said, we could have done better if we had all the players available, we could have got more back. I think we will soon. In terms of training, it is a more difficult process. I believe in training, in the work of the elements of effort, very close to what the game is all about. What we are looking for is to get the players back to them. We have been dissatisfied in the few forces that the protesters created, but we will definitely improve. We have an extraordinary group that wants to learn and wants to benefit.

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Used in Brazilian

– Today we have done everything to leave the winner. We have to keep the fight like today, but better to win. We need to improve our defense organization, because our transition has been very positive. When we pull out the block, we have to do the same thing.

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– Seeing this goal, in exchange for a few things that we can not make better decisions, we have times when we do not have such control, but we have the past from the past that we create many things. , of all things, time to create, but unfortunately we do not. We will continue to do what we believe we can to win next Wednesday.

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– I think it was recommended that the team run, search, believe. The team creates the opportunity to win. We have to play as far as we play at home, Flamengo has to have a similar idea of ​​winning. And then you have to create, do the work that we did. We have, in all cases, good protection. It was not a good time for us, but I am sure we believed we would pass.

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