Passos raises the price of the exchange to pass the unpaid offer of UPA – Gerais

Facade of Upa de Passos
The hope is to improve the quality of care of the UPA, in Passos (Image: Folha da Manhã File / Disclosure)

The City of Passos has increased payroll services as a way to guarantee full medical coverage and reduce waiting times for patients in long lines established by the UPA (Emergency). Care Unit).

With the adjustment, the 12-hour exchange increased from R $ 1,261.95 to R $ 1,480.93 from Monday to Friday, adding to the bonus of R $ 439.07, a total of R $ 1,920.

National and local holidays and vacations, pay doctors on duty from R $ 1,377.09 to R $ 1,629.20 for 12-hours work, with an additional bonus of R $ 570.80. As a result, prices will increase to R $ 2,200 for 12-hour work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The results will be checked once a year, using the same indexes and under the same star of the Annual Survey authorized public servants in Passos, according to the city building.

fast policy

On Monday (05/09), the City Council approved the emergency amendment, the first in the same session and the second in a special session.

The law allows the use of licenses for doctors in charge, for the purpose of health care providers, and to set new rates for the exchange of permanent and part-time physicians working in the UPA.

The law was signed this Wednesday (11/5) by Mayor Diego Oliveira (PSL). For the secretary of health, Vanessa Freire, the decision was right. “This is the decision of the mayor, the first step in recognizing the importance of health professionals and in the right capacity. More than ever, we need the strength, ability and support of professionals, “declares Vanessa.

loss of physician

“We have lost doctors, because the regional average for a 12-hour shift is R $ 2,000. Passos pay less. doctors in the network and very important to support services for UPA users “, said the director of Passense Executive.

According to UPA executive director Lucas Carvalho, 400 to 500 people pass through the health room daily. “With dengue patients, pediatric respiratory infections and some cases of COVID-19 diagnosis, the demand will grow. Another advantage of improved income trade is an improvement in quality services ”, said Carvalho.

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