Paraná muaj 4.3 million people vaccinated with Covid in a timely manner, research suggests | Paraná

Paraná is rare 4.3 million people with delayed Covid-19 vaccinationaccording to data from the National Health Data Network (RNDS).

Age group included Most absentees are between 25 and 29 years old (555.1 thousand people), followed by 20 to 24 years (551.5 thousand) and 30 to 34 years (515.4 thousand). The booster dose is given to people 18 years of age or older in the state.

At the beginning of the year, Paraná registered 1,235,074 doses of the vaccine and, in April, only 370,209 doses – down more than 70%.

For the second batch, in January this year, the state registered 300,870 applications. Last month, the figure fell to 184,597 – a decrease of 38.6% over the period.

According to RNDS, 1.3 million people from Paraná have their second overdose. The majority of absentees were between the ages of 5 and 11 (400 thousand children), followed by the age group of 12 to 17 years (231.4 thousand) and 20 to 24 years (150.5 thousand).

“This information is important for identifying the need for a new call for vaccination in Paraná. We want the public to know that, if they do not promote immunity, they pose a health risk to patients who have been diagnosed.with a higher risk of hospitalization, even death “, added Health Director, César Neves.

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Paraná has 4.3 million people with booster drugs in a short period of time, according to research – Photo: Daniel Castellano / SMCS

The third month of immunization went down

Data from the National Vaccinometer show that demand for the Covid vaccine fell for the third consecutive month in Paraná. The results were included in a survey by the State Department of Health, Monday (9).

Vaccination has been declining since January, when the outbreak occurred. In that month, demand increased further in December, due to the arrival of the Ômicron variant and the deadline for the second dose for children and adolescents.

In January, 1.8 million doses were requested. However, in the coming months the numbers only fall in Paraná.

In February, 1,525,048 doses were requested; in March 1,099,093 and in April just over 856,300 doses.

The low demand for Covid vaccine is usually due to a false belief in protection. There is also a calendar. Many people who receive the first two doses are discontinued from the clinic for further doses. But like any other virus, coronavirus vaccination may be needed, along with a second dose or additional dose. That is the direction of research and that is what we are bringing cities to the city ”, points out Neves.

In general, Paraná collected 24,581,699 vaccines, as follows:

  • 9,968,534 first doses
  • 8,993,988 second dose
  • 333,651 per dose
  • 4,691,000 vaccinations
  • 271,390 four weeks
  • An additional 323,136 doses

According to Sesa, the state is the fifth most vaccinated state in the country, after Bahia (27,393,349 doses), Rio de Janeiro (33,648,471), Minas Gerais (43,747,242) and São Paulo (107,813,546).

Currently, 80.4% of the population is vaccinated with two doses or a single dose and 40.4% are receiving a booster dose.

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