Palmeiras decides the location in the Copa do Brasil during the conflict with Scarpa

Gustavo Scarpa has become the subject of Palmeiras. A key player in 2021, with an astronomical tally of 22 added to eight goals, the jersey 14 lost its place in 2022 and has been an option on the bench. There are some explanations for this, but the final question is always the same: is it worth it?

In today’s game (11), against Juazeirense-BA, for the Copa do Brasil – in Londrina, at the Café stadium, at 19:00 in Brasília – the player must be the choice of the table long sitting. Just like on the way out, on the 30th, in Barueri. And it was his goal that gave the win from 2 to 1, in turn, to Palmeiras.

Scarpa was also instrumental in Palmeiras’ goal in the 1-1 draw with Fluminense, on Sunday (8), for the Brazilian. Dudu is the one who pushes the ball into the net, already over the line. But the intersection is Scarpa, who has just entered.

Abel creates a fight with speed

Scarpa’s change in circumstances can be explained by several factors. The first thing to do with the way Abel Ferreira has been thinking about Palmeiras this season.

The Portuguese opted for fast-paced production, with both wing and user-friendly and fast (Rony). These points favor the rise of Gabriel Veron, for his football coach has received much praise.

Scarpa, on the other hand, is a midfielder who knows how to play as a winger, but not a quick player. He ended up contributing a lot to the team because he hit the ball well and set goal goals, playing open left. But his history, by the way, is like a centralized midfielder. And his side of the hobby is the law, which he appeared in Fluminense.

Scarpa is a great backup for Raphael Veiga

Another important point is the fact that the current team does not have a replacement athlete with Raphael Veiga. So part of the reason for Scarpa on the bench is to have something to do with the work.

Considering the long run, deciding that Veiga would be wearing and tearing and could be injured, it was wise to have two athletes on the team. Even if it means having one of the highest staffs on the bench.

Such an option only makes modern decisions because Abel, as described above, chose for two speeds.

Abel can even think of a team without a midfielder

The third priority was made with the intention of the shirt 14 to play in Europe. Scarpa has publicly stated that he wants to play in European football, and the transition window to the old country is very close to opening, starting in July.

With the contract valid only until the end of the season, the player has already received an application from Palmeiras to extend his contract for two years, but has not yet answer.

If he does not continue, Scarpa could be replaced with a better deal for himself and in a more convenient way, as the club prefers to sign he will not have to pay Palmeiras for the transfer.

Under international law, a player can join another club without a bonus for his current place of employment from six months before his contract expires. This is a good argument in favor of a 28-year-old player.

Therefore, for Palmeiras, in terms of finance, it would also be interesting to discuss the possibility to bring the current player. The club will lose a key in the middle of the season, but will gain something by changing.

Knowing that Scarpa could leave the team in less than two months, it would not be surprising to think that Abel would consider a team that did not already have him, despite the opportunity to switch teams to the design. new. And that would explain both its loss of name and the team’s new tactical design.

There are two facts in this story. One is that Abel thinks about the situation first, and it will not be easy for all of this to be in balance, think about the system. The other is that Scarpa is a valuable asset to the team, and that his absence, however, has an impact on the quality of the alviverde game.


Competition: Copa do Brasil – The third game returns
Date: April 11, 2022, Wednesday
Schedule: 7 pm (from Brasilia)
Local: Café Stadium, in Londrina (PR)
Referee: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (RJ)
Supporters: Luis Claudio Regazone and Thiago Rosa de Oliveira, both by RJ

JUAZEIRENSE: Rodrigo Calaça; Dadinha, Eduardo, Wendell and Daniel; Waguinho, Patrick, Clebson and Nildo; Deysinho and Ian. Physician: barbosinha

NEWS: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Gómez, Murilo and Jorge; Danilo, Zé Rafael and Raphael Veiga (Scarpa); Dudu, Rony (Navarro) and Gabriel Veron (Breno Lopes). Physician: Abel Ferreira

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