Palmeiras beat Juazeirense and advance in the Copa do Brasil with a goal from Veiga

Palmeiras struggled more than one could think of against the Serie D team, but managed to qualify in the Copa do Brasil. With goals from Danilo and Raphael Veiga, the team was able to repeat the score of the first game, winning by 2 to 1 and was in the lead of 16.

Verdão still do not know who their opponent will be in the next stage, which will be defined by art. For Brasileiro, the team returns on Saturday (14), against Red Bull Bragantino. of Allianz Parque.

Tite is cursed

Necessary information. After Palmeiras second mission, the Tite coach was cursed by the Palmeiras in Londrina: “Tite, ç … Veiga is a team. “The outcry from the fans inside of Paraná occurred on the same day that the coach called the Brazilian team for a friendly and dropped the 23rd shirt of Alviverde off the list.

chronology game

In the first half a tough defense against Juazeirense, Palmeiras only opened the scoring in the 41st minute, with select Danilo, on a rebound after a cross from Gustavo Scarpa.

Juazeirense equalize as soon as the second half begins. Ian won the game in the middle and released Deysinho. The Bahia side beat Jorge in the match and crossed backwards. Nildo Petrolina got in and hit to tie the game, at 5 ‘.

Palmeiras only got a division of 36 ‘, with Raphael Veiga being penalized.

Palmeiras Games

Palmeiras had problems in the early stages, encountering excellent defenses. Even around the ball, it’s hard. In the second stage, he had more difficulty and presented good football under his best night.

Juazeirense game

After a strong defense in the early stages, Juazeirense decided to move on to play in the second tier and create problems for Palmeiras. It did not allow Palmeiras to develop and play very well against the famous double teams of America.

It goes well: Scarpa is the one who tries the most

In the aridity of creation of Palmeiras, Gustavo Scarpa is the best player. By his favorite position, on the right, he called the game and created the main movement.

It’s bad: Dudu disappears from the field

Shirt 7 is a heart attack. And when it fails, the whole team ends up suffering. On the left, he has a good first half. But in the second stage, he disappeared – and with him, Palmeiras.

On the other hand, Dudu hit the pole

Abel Ferreira supported the exchange of expansion and put Dudu on the left wing of the offensive line, a position he did not last long. That makes Scarpa right, he likes. After 2 minutes, the switch allowed Dudu to cut to the middle and take a long shot at the cross.

Ron starts wasting time

Already in the eyes of some fans for wasting some time in the recent game, Rony, the son of the day of the day – he was 27 -, again missed some goals against Juazeirense. As usual, he also tried the bike, and on the ball it came down. Soon after, he forgot the head after the good of Scarpa.

Day for Daniel

The day he was called up for the first time for the Brazilian national team, footballer Danilo revealed, during the game, that he was going beyond that. At 41 ‘, after a practice corner, Scarpa crossed well, Calaça hit him back and the shirt 28 took advantage of the return to lead Verdão.

Juazeirense go out to the game and draw

At half-time, the coach of Juazeirense said he would ask his team to play more. And so it was. At 5 ‘, the “home team” tied the game with Petrolina, after a fine run by Ian and Deysinho.

Without any ideas, Verdão was saved by Veiga

Palmeiras sponsor shows Rafael Veiga sponsorship card - Marcos Zanutto / AGIF - Marcos Zanutto / AGIF

The Palmeiras supporter released a statement in support of Raphael Veiga

Photo: Marcos Zanutto / AGIF

Faced with an excellent defense team, Palmeiras had trouble creating in the second half and exchanging passports at the entrance of the area in an almost bureaucratic way. Veiga and Dudu were small, and the ball did not reach Rony. Palmeiras can only get a spot of 36 ‘, at another cost from Veiga. The ball hit the post before going in, something unheard of for the midfielder.


Copa do Brasil – Stage three, replay
Date and time: May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) 19:00 (TSİ)
Local: Café Stadium, in Londrina (PR)
The judgeBruno Arleu de Araujo (RJ)
help: Luis Claudio Regazone and Thiago Rosa de Oliveira, both by RJ
purpose: Danilo, at 41 ‘from the 1st half (PAL); Nildo Petrolina, at 5 ‘from 2nd (JUA), and Veiga, at 36’ from 2nd (JUA)PAL)
Yellow cards: Wendell and Daniel Nazaré (JUA)

JUAZEIRENSE: Rodrigo Calaça; Dadinha, Eduardo, Wendell and Daniel; Waguinho, Patrick, Clebson (Nixon) and Nildo Petrolina (Thalisson); Deysinho and Ian. Physician: way

NEWS: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Gómez, Murilo and Jorge; Danilo, Zé Rafael (Atuesta) and Raphael Veiga (Boy); Dudu (Breno Lopes), Rony (Navarro) and Scarpa. Physician: Abel Ferreira: Do you want more followers?

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