Pablo presented Rodrigo Caio’s reaction after moving into Flamengo’s game: “He said he gave a slap”; see bid | Flamengo

After celebrating their return to the Altos and the true half 2-2 draw with Ceará this Saturday, defender Rodrigo Caio is back to worry at Flamengo.

At the end of the game, while trying to put the cart on the side of the field, he soon put his hand on his left ankle and left teammates scared. After the match, Pablo revealed what he had heard from his defensive partner.

Pablo talks about Rodrigo Caio's handcuffs and injuries:

Pablo refers to Rodrigo Caio with a rope tied and injured: “Please let it be nothing heavy”

– He told me that at the time of the stroller he held his ankle and snapped. We do not know much (what happened). I hope he does nothing because he is a man who has been through the difficult circumstances here at the club, he is a very worthy man, please ask him for nothing.

After the match, Paulo Sousa told a news conference that the first thought in the locker room was only fear and not serious injury to Rodrigo Caio.

– In that movement, he was hit and, by what he said, felt broken. It is a little numb. I think in the end it was more dangerous than the injury itself. Waiting for us to solve, we hope it’s just scary – says the Portuguese coach.

Matheusinho, Ceará, Flamengo – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Speaking of the game, the shirt 30 regretted the goal by Nino Paraíba, suffered the final after Hugo Souza’s failure, and said the team took a defensive attitude.

– It’s always hard to play here, the weather is hot, but the Ceará team is right, there is a lot of effort. Unfortunately we acknowledged the goal in the end, we defended very well, but we will continue to work because we have the right team. He got it right if we made a mistake for ourselves to get the points we needed in the Brazilian Championship.

Best time: Ceará 2 x 2 Flamengo, for the 6th round of Brasileirão 2022

Best time: Ceará 2 x 2 Flamengo, for the 6th round of Brasileirão 2022

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