Our Company Sells Hurts Big Tech

This online purchase is not limited to one company. Other star e-commerce companies including Etsy and Shopify, whose powerful online software for millions of small retailers, have also reported low sales or expectations. less in the future. A review by Mastercard found that US online shopping fell for the first time in March in nearly a decade as market purchases rose.

It is not surprising that e-commerce is on the rise when people were hunkered at home in 2020 and slipped back once more people thought they would like to buy more for the person and have reconsidered Repeat for travel, eating and other personal activities. But companies rarely see the pendulum swing.

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, said last month that its current meh ad sales are due to the fact that online companies are less likely to buy Facebook ads when they eyes were depressed. “The pace of e-commerce has led to a growth in revenue, but now we are seeing a shift,” Mark Zuckerberg told Meta Traders two weeks ago. .

And Meta said last week that it was slowing down.

Total cost cuts and unreliable futures will look wild for the past six months or a year, when Meta, Amazon, Google and other tech companies have driven revenue and the results were good.

The question is whether we have made the wrong decision for the last two years due to technological changes in consumers. Yes, some of us who keep the attitude of buying more at home and Zooming everything will continue. But there is a return to the 2019 behavior, too. Last week, I shook hands with everyone at a business meeting and wondered what had happened to the speculation that the virus would end in a handshake.

We still do not know what “normal” is like in the US or elsewhere, and we may not be able to for a year or more because our spending changes to a higher rate, no problems with production and delivery, rising interest rates, etc. Coronavirus infection and frolic desire in the real world.

The new trend for purchases will not be the same as the return to the physical retail market that we have seen in the last six months or the increase in online purchases by 2020. It is difficult to estimate the collective behavior of millions of Americans. And that makes all the technology shudder.

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