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Do you know why we celebrate World Nurses Day on May 12? Below we describe the origin of this tribute. And we went out post especially for the day. It is a perfect idea for you to share words of love with professionals adults this month of May. What happened? Follow the instructions in this sentence. Hello Nurse’s Day!

World Nurses Day

Nurses and midwives celebrate International Day on May 12. The award is for Florence Nightingale, the highlight of modern day care in the world. field and who was born on May 12, 1820. The idea was to introduce the services of nurses and midwives to our community.

According to Florence Nightingale, she died on August 13, 1910. She was an English translator, considered the founder of modern day care. Nightingale rose to prominence as a leader and trainer of paramedics during the Crimean War, favoring wounded soldiers. It was called A Dama da Lamparina, because it was surrounded during the war to help wounded soldiers at night.

Here in Brazil we also celebrate Nursing Week. It runs from the 12th to the 20th of May. The Brazilian gift also refers to Ana Néri, a nurse who enlisted in Brazil for military service in the 1940s.

Good practices include the integration of collaborations and interactions, providing support to people in decision-making and operations, in all areas, public or private, that are patient care.

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But how do we honor doctors in this special month? We spoke with New Health Leader’s Clinical Director, Dr. José Ricardo, who highlighted the importance of physicians.

“Nurses and midwives are a symbol of hospitality, care and hard work. Professionals who deserve all the interest and respect in the world. After all, they are rooted in our area of ​​Health. My words are a thank you. When we look at the spread and the differences that nurses have led us through this difficult time … all we have to do is be thankful and celebrate, ”he praised.

The New Saúde Leader has become a spokesperson for health plans in the state of São Paulo. George Colantonio, Chief Social Officer, also wrote words of love to the doctors.

“Experts present day and night. Anyone who works with people who have just arrived, during childbirth, for example, even with people who are in delicate time, in ICUs, has health problems. They are not only specialized in the human body, but also specialists of thought, care, love. “Art and mind walk together”, George said.

Nurses and midwives get up every day to watch over someone’s love. It could be you, your father, your mother, your grandfather, your granddaughter, your son, your uncle. Their role is to protect lives. Therefore, on this special day, share your words of gratitude and love with the professionals you know in Healthcare. Use your own words to show how important they are in your life.

Special terms for health care – Photo: Share

“There is a word I have heard since my college days that went something like this: Doctor’s direct diagnosis. The nurse is sick. The doctor takes care of all the negative things that the disease causes. Nurse, at all makes it happen. The nurse does everything that the person can not do by himself. And encourage him to do and have his freedom again “, said Robson Zanatta,’s Chief Medical Officer.

“Care is love, care, affection and excellence. It is a constant watch. Health care is life care. “

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