Northwest wins and returns in Serie A2

Photo: Bruno Freitas / Noroeste

Luiz Carlos Martins won the 19th entry in his career

After almost a decade, Noroeste is back in the A2 Series of the Paulista Championship. In a game of common sense and thought, with ‘the whole house’ (6,469 paid), Norusca managed to reverse the negative side of the defeat of the last game and win São Bernardo by 2 to 0, Saturday night (7), at the Alfredo Stadium de Castilho, in Bauru.

The result also puts Alvirrubro in the final of the A3 Series, to be made into two games against the Comercial de Ribeirão Preto, two weeks later, the first game in Bauru. But most of the celebration from the fans and the team is back to Serie A2.

“It’s great, thank God we got it, it’s what everyone wants. Northwest in Serie A2, deservedly”, congratulated coach Luiz Carlos Martins, in his entry 19th in his position.

“Only football gives that. I pray every week to bless me and my friends, I am very happy with the goal to enter, after three years hitting the pole”, said the against Guilherme Teixeira, the goal scorer he scored the dream fans. , after failure in the first semifinal race.


Northwest began the determination of the quantity of the package. But he found the guards very strict and could not be crossed. Despite a lot of time on the ball, it took eight minutes for Alvirrubro to create the first shot. After the Blade cross on the left, Teixeira shows the ball in a small area, but sends it off.

Encountered with the great São Bernardo site, the north-east struggled to develop a sport and began investing in direct connections, which were not profitable. At 15 minutes, it was the turn of the ABC team to take a dangerous lead on the team goal from Bauru. After a free kick from the left, the ball crossed the entire defense of Norusca without anyone cutting it, scaring the Pablo player.

Norusca only returned to blunt in the 31st minute, with a move from Maranhão on the right, which entered the area and hit the cross, but the ball deflected and rolling across the back line. At the very least, the first half started to end with just two actual seasons to score created by the home team.


The second half kept good spirits for Bauru fans. At 3 minutes, after a good move with the participation of the whole strike, Calixto got one, left, and hit the cross. The ball ended at Luiz Thiago’s foot, which pushed him deep into the net, opening the scoring for the Northwest. The goal was to drive the crazy crowd of Alfredo de Castilho and trust São Bernardo.

With only a minimal advantage in the scores, Cachorrão had to get out of the game and start opening more places. The Northwest is back to hold the candidate field longer, trying to make inversions and triangulations. Fearful, the group began to commit more offenses. At the expense of one of them, the team of Bauru returned to carry the stand. At 16, Jeferson Maranhão sent the ball full of rewards that simply could not be entered because he was defensively defended.

At 18 minutes, Luiz Tiago missed an opportunity to spread the score. Throwing the ball into the area, the defense of São Bernardo pushed him too far and he was stopped at the feet of the attacker who, though alone, caught bad and went beyond the target. tsam.

Since then, São Bernardo started betting on wax to keep the clock running. Only athlete Pablo crashed at least three times to get medical attention. Despite the turmoil, the team from Bauru did not stop against the target attack. In one of the most dangerous moves, after the ball crossed from the left, he saw Diogo alone in the area who hit first, but stopped when Vitor Hugo deflected him twice.

The mind pays off and, at 37, the goal is finally scored. After an effort, Guilherme Teixeira took advantage of the strike in the area and pushed him outside the goal line: 2 to 0, to the delight of Northeastern fans.

The goal hit the ABC team, who started offense and had two players suspended: Alê and Alexandre. However, it was dangerous and threatened the entry of the Bauru group. In the 43rd minute, after a corner, Felipe took the pole, freezing the fan spine.

Even before the final whistle, the crowd was already celebrating in the stands, in a mixture of comfort and joy, after a long wait for a return to Serie A2.

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