North Korea says 6 dead as Covid-19 in ‘Explosive’ crash

SEOUL – The coronavirus has spread across North Korea “at an alarming rate” since last month, killing six people and leaving 187,800 people stranded, national media reported the day. Friday.

National health officials made a rare public acknowledgment of public health when its leader, Kim Jong-un, visited the line control center. disease in the country on Thursday, North Korean News Agency reported.

In a sign of escalating violence, state television Central Central for the first time saw Mr. Kim wears a mask during the Staff meeting.

The fact that the disease has spread across the country means that North Korea has “a gap in its epidemic.” Kim said.

North Korea said it had learned of its first incident after health officials on Sunday tried to detain people at an unknown organization in Pyongyang, the city, which saw the show. pain such as fever. They confirmed a subvariant BA.2 of the virus, he said.

The country has declared “an emergency” and has ordered all cities and towns in the country 25 million to fight the epidemic.

North Korea’s recognition of the epidemic is a rapid change for a secret country, which has long argued that it does not have the epidemic that first appeared in neighboring China for more than two years. ago. External experts have been skeptical, however, of the lack of experiments on the broad Covid and northern lines of public health.

Mr Kim said 350,000 people had been diagnosed with the flu since late April, including 18,000 on Thursday. He added that 162,200 people received good health care. Reports of the virus have so far been inconclusive, for example, as many as 350,000 people with the flu have been diagnosed with the virus.

Ahn Kyung-su, who works at Seoul-based, the website and network of Seoul-based health experts said, “Like other sources from North Korea, the “There is controversy, and we can not trust them. North Korea.” sent out signs that it was ready to accept Covid interference from the outside. “

To date, North Korea has not received any coverage of the epidemic, including free vaccines from the World Health Organization. South Korean police hope the shipment to humans, including the Covid-19 vaccine, could help resume talks between North Korea and the United States and allies.

The incident caused by Covid occurs more often in North Korea than in any other country because most of its people have not been vaccinated. External health experts have long questioned the North’s ability to combat the big event, even though its policies could put a strain on its population. move around.

The result, if not controlled soon, could have serious repercussions for the country’s economy, which has been affected for years by the United Nations sanctions and its two-year decision. Previously closed its border with China, it was only a major trading partner, to protect. infectious disease.

An hour after confirming the incident on Thursday, North Korea launched three rockets from near Pyongyang to the sea off its east coast, the South Korean military said. said. It was North’s 16th missile test this year and shows it is ahead with weapons tests despite the threat of the virus.

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