North Korea announces its first Covid incident

SEOUL – North Korea on Thursday announced its first outbreak of coronavirus, declared a “state of emergency” and ordered all of its cities and towns closed to prevent the spread of the virus.

On Sunday, health officials tested people at an obscure organization in Pyongyang, the city, who showed symptoms such as fever, and confirmed they had contracted the virus. The contagion, known as BA.2, is the Omicron variant of the virus, North’s official Korean Central News Agency said. The news agency did not say how many people were infected.

The report is the first time the country has secretly identified a Covid-19 virus since the virus appeared in neighboring China more than two years ago.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, called on the Justice Department of the Working Group on Thursday to discuss the issue, the news agency said.

Mr Kim called on “every city and town to shut down” to prevent the spread of the disease, and factory workers and farmers continue to work hard. not alone.

The news agency said Mr. Kim also called for national unity during state emergencies, telling her people that “a worse enemy than a deadly plague is unbelievable and untrustworthy.” and need. “

Mr Kim called on his country to continue with the five-year economic development plan he announced at the Workers’ Party in January last year. As part of that plan, North Korea will build housing in Pyongyang city and greenhouses in the provinces.

As of Thursday, North Korea had publicly declared that there was no epidemic in the country, although outside experts were skeptical, regarding the country’s public health. tested and without much experiment. North Korea has also denied any outside involvement in the conflict.

Police in South Korea have hoped that human trafficking, such as the Covid-19 vaccine, could help resume talks between North Korea and the United States and the United States. friends.

It is unclear if the outbreak will change the North’s stance on humanitarian aid.

Turkmenistan and several smaller countries, such as Tuvalu and Nauru, also reported no coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

North Korea has administered some of the world’s most stringent restrictions on the disease.

By 2020, it had established a no-border zone with China, announcing a shoot-to-shoot-out letter to curb illegal immigration, according to South Korean and U.S. authorities. Also that year, when a man from South Korea went north, North Korea declared a state of emergency in the country for fear he might carry the disease.

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