“No courage”; Facundo Farías boss takes off Barros in ‘short skirt’ and sends’s business with Colón number 10 shirt

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The 19-year-old midfielder is a favorite of Alviverde, but the businessman has claimed that the fairness of the Palmeiras administration is a lack of investment.

Photos: Fabio Menotti and Announcer / Colón - Anderson Barros was directly influenced by Facundo Farías's director
Photos: Fabio Menotti and Announcer / Colón – Anderson Barros was directly influenced by Facundo Farías’s director

Last Wednesday (11th), the palm trees de Abel Ferreira beat Juazeirense 2-1, this time in Londrina, and advanced to the knockout stages of 16. Brazil Cup. Many Alviverde fans have struggled with coaching staff to keep too many holders, which seems to feel tired at many games during the season.

Although he admires his cast, Abel admits he has a lean face and guidance, after the incident, working with the arrival of mid-year support windows. Agencies in Brazil can only resume signing on July 18. One of Verdão’s goals is youth Facundo Farias, 19-year-old heard from Colón, Argentina.

Many clubs in Brazil are monitoring the steps of the Argentine midfielder, considered one of the biggest promises of the new generation. Facundo president, Martín Sendoa, has confirmed that Palmeiras has discussed his whereabouts, but a link with the leaders of the Football Academy fixes the speculation.

“I have called Facundo Farías ‘representative in Brazilian territory and the news is not the best for Palmeiras. According to this businessman:’ Anderson Barros and Leila Pereira’s request is not It is difficult to invest, because he is a very valuable person. ‘”inform colleagues Jorge Nicola.

“Palmeiras wants to sign Facundo Farías, but has not yet submitted an application after seeing that Colón wants between thiab 6 and lab 8 million for 80% of the legal right. Today, it has been cut. decided he was hired. “added a journalist on the portal Yahoo.

Agencies from Italy and Boca Juniors are also looking at Colón midfielder. According to nicola, Facundo president has given the Palmeiras board a ‘question’ for the delay or lack of courage in investing in interested parties in the industry. By the way it’s, Farías would be an extra order in alviverde statistics.

“The representative of Facundo Farías also recalled the contracts that were closed by Palmeiras, but that ended in failure due to lack of courage to invest: Borré, Hulk and Yuri Alberto , when he left Santos for Internacional “, added Nicola.


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