NLRB Finds Eligibility in Union Allegations Against Amazon and Starbucks

In a statement that government officials were monitoring behavior management during a meeting of the union, the National Labor Council said on Friday that it had found positive results. in alleging that Amazon and Starbucks violated the operating law.

At Amazon, the board of directors deems it necessary for the company to demand that employees attend a protest rally at a large warehouse on Staten Island where the Amazon Labor Union wins. Great election last month. The decision was announced to the agency Friday by an attorney for the Brooklyn regional board, according to Seth Goldstein, the agency’s attorney.

These meetings, commonly referred to as “visitor” meetings, are legally binding upon the current board of directors. But last month, the board, Jennifer Abruzzo, announced in a statement that the precedent was inconsistent with federal law, and it indicated it would seek retaliation.

In the same lawsuit, Amazon Labor Union accused the company of threatening to restrict workers’ benefits if they voted to join, and misrepresenting workers. that they can be fired if the museum is to be merged and they do not pay the organization. payments. The board also found it helpful to comment on the allegations, according to an email from a lawyer at the regional office, Matt Jackson.

Mr Jackson said the agency would soon announce the grievances surrounding the allegations unless Amazon had resolved the matter. The complaint will be prosecuted before a judge, in which case his or her decision can be appealed to the Washington Board.

Mr. Goldstein praised Ms. Abruzzo and regional offices for taking “steps to decide to end meetings that need to be arrested” and that the right to join “will be protected by the conclusion Amazon’s operation error. “

Kelly Nantel, an expert at Amazon, said in a statement that “these allegations are untrue and we look forward to seeing that through the process.”

At Starbucks, where the organization received its first election of more than 50 stores since December, the board announced a grievance on Friday regarding a number of issues. The lawsuit, which the organization filed, most of them in February, accused the company of illegal conduct. These allegations include the killing of employees in retaliation for supporting the organization; threatens employees the ability to reap new benefits if they choose to join; want employees to have at least a minimum of time to remain employed at the unionized shop without discussing the change, as a way to force out at least is a union supporter; and promise to benefit employees if they decide not to join.

In addition to these allegations, the board of directors has confirmed allegations that the company threatened employees by closing Buffalo-area stores and engaging in oversight of customers. work while they work. All such actions would be illegal. Starbucks has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in violation of its employee rights policy.

In a statement, Starbucks Workers United, a branch of the union representing workers there, said the findings “clearly identify the whereabouts and disadvantages of Starbucks’s practices in Western New York for a better one. ” He added: “Starbucks will be held accountable for the minefield crash organization they are forcing workers to walk in the battle for their rights to prepare.”

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