Nike’s First NFT Collection is Crazy Cryptocurrencies

Following the skepticism of the views and integration of the RTFKT community, the MNLTH NFT outreach finally arrived.

Thus, MNLTH was Nike’s first NFT to write and was essentially a collection using DART X, or Dynamic Artefact Reveal Technology.

Therefore, the NFTS presentation will not be based on all of the company specific dates, but rather on the results, i.e. ‘show’ content that needs to be fulfilled by the community. .

Therefore, in this case, they indicate the sequence is caused by the community when they complete various competitions are released.

Thus, MNLTH NFTs are one of the most sought after collection of the year and can see their value reach millions with the Bored Yat Apache Club.

The first batch of final targets of the MNLTH NFT project was announced this week and the opening portion of the NFTs has been revised.

Thus, it is interesting to note that no one knows what MNLTH NFT is. Since last month, the RTFKT team has been considering releasing videos for NFTs but has not what are the details of the Package, or the details of their design.

So everything will come as a surprise as the announcement shows investors letting “go crazy” during the first round and launching the update.


Designed in 2020 by Steven Vasilev, Chris Le and Benoit Pagotto, RTFKT creates virtual sneakers, memes and NFT collections. The company was acquired by Nike last year.

Benoit Pagotto, co-founder of RTFKT, said the company needs to leverage Nike’s expertise to build communities and its core strengths.

Thus, Pogotto added that Nike is the only brand in the world that focuses on innovation, community and creativity.

In February of this year, RTFKT sold real and virtual sneakers in partnership with a girl named FEWOCiOUS. In all, the company sold 600 pairs of virtual sneakers worth $ 3.1 million in just six minutes.

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